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Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-296 to 298 Written Updates 11-8-11 to 16-8-11

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-298 16th August 2011

Vijay next takes them to an old building and tells that this building is their ancestral forefathers. He tells that in each of doors history is written. This was once Shamshersingh Bundela's palace. Bhairavi fakes fainting and does not go inside the building. Vijay asks Veer and Bhairavi to stay back and takes Sindhu along with him.

Veer shows his anger looks and tells Bhairavi that she can fool others but not him.

Vijay tells Sindhu the love story of Shamsher Singh Bundela and Nandini. Sindhu interestingly asks about the story. He tells Shamsher is a brave man others bowed before him but when night comes he becomes sad. One day when he was practicing sword fight he hears a song, he goes and finds a Nandini girl dancing, he gets attracted to her beauty. Shamsher Singh used to see the world through Nandini's eyes. That night he felt as if Nandini is before him and never slept that day. Sham Sher singh wanted to marry her, but his family were dead against that. He convinces them and marries her. He started to live with her in the palace. One day Sham Sher's brother Hardev Singh returned to palace and introduced to his wife. He never doubted Nandini and his brother's relationship but there were lots of gossip. He used to cut off their heads whoever speaks so.

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-297 12th August 2011

Sindhu's eyes gets watered when Veer says that she and Vijay should always be happy. Vijay comes there and orders for dishes. Veer and Bhairavi's tastes in dishes differ. The four of them discuss about love. Bhairavi tells that love is great which is got by fightining. Vijay agrees with her and tells that if he loves and the other person does not love then there will be destruction. He tells for Sindhu he will even walk on fire. He will do anything for her. When Sindhu asks him to keep quiet he retorts back if she can do anything to prove her love. Sindhu always tells that she has faith in him and believes him but she never tells that she loves him and this haunts Vijay. He is anger on this. To prove his love on Sindhu he tries to walk on an small extinguished fire barefooted and tells, "I love you Sindhu." Veer takes Bhairavi aside and scolds her for instigating Vijay.

Sindhu asks Vijay why he is doing all this and she believes him fully. Again Vijay tells her that she has not even once told him that she loves him. Bhairavi comes and asks fake sorry's to Vijay and Sindhu. Vijay is in tears still since his inside heart tells him that Sindhu is not loving him.

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-296 11th August 2011

Vijay like a mind-reader tells Veer that Sindhu seems to be always silent and asks suggestions to Veer if he is doing right thing in marrying Sindhu. Veer gives him positive suggestions and so Vijay gets happy.

Gunavanthi, Bhairavi, Umed Singh and Sindhu go to purchase sarees where Bhairavi gets jealous over the special attention given to Sindhu by Gunavanthi.

Vijay comes to Jogi's house and Bhairavi talks teasingly in front of all telling Vijay that what he likes is also liked by Veer.

Vijay takes Veer, Sindhu and Bhairavi to a restaurant where Sindhu slips and Veer supports her not seen by Vijay but watched by Bhairavi jealously. Veer and Sindhu's love still lingers inside their heart suppressed. They have opportunity to talk alone. Veer asks her, "how did you agree for the marriage? my brother likes you, that I know but will you be happy. I like my brother very much, I believe in you that you will change my brother's life, you both should always be happy."


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