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Uttaran-676-Written Update 19th August 2011

Uttaran-Serial-676 - 19th August 2011


Avinash coming inside the house does not find Ichchha, her mother, Khaana and Kaka. He asks the servant, "where they have gone?" He catch holds of his neck but the servant tells he doesn't know.

Ichchha and others reach their place safely and she thanks Kaka for that.

Tapasya tears Veer's picture and Rathore asks her what's the meaning of that. When she shouts he tells her that her voice should not go outside.

Rathore looks to be an intelligent guy hence he asks that she should not marry him just to show this to Veer.

Veer gets to know the love life of Madhura and how she spends her time. She gives some positive advices to Veer.

Avinash is frustrated in not finding Ichchha but finds the passport of her.

Rathore finds a thief behind and screen and takes out his gun to shoot him or her points the gun towards the screen and orders him or her to come out. With frightened look he sees Nani coming out. Rathore tells her that she is lucky since usually he shoots and then asks questions.

Nani sees the Safe filled with cash and jewels. Rathore tells that this is only part of it and he has more wealth. He tells this are nothing before the love that he has with Tapasya.

Tapasya sees Veer on the road asks the driver to stop the car and goes on seeing him and dreams of the times spent with him with tears in her eyes. She receives a call from Rathore and gets more interested in the marriage to show that to Veer which actually is the desire of her Nani too.

Ichhcha's neighbor who is a flower decorator gives some work to Ichchha. Damini gets ready to take the finished flower to the address mentioned in the slip. Written on the slip is Raghuveer Pratap Rathore and his address.

Uttaran - Written update-19th August 2011-Full:

Avinash comes inside the house and calls Khaana, calls Kaakkaa, but a servant comes running. He tells him to bring Khaana and Ichchha. The servant tells Hari Kaakka, Ichchha her mother everyone have gone away. He catches his throat and threatens him to reveal where they have gone. He insists that he does not know. Avinash tells himself, “where will they go, how much far. Now nobody will save you Ichchha.”

Kaakka takes them to a small house. Khaana tells that it is a small house. Ichchha convinces him telling that even Yashoda had lived in small house. And in this house everybody will be living together, so nice will it be.

Ichchha tells that the house is very nice and in two days time they will beautify it. She thanks Kaakka. Kaakka tells that he should thank her, then he tells Avinash would be searching him like a fool, he has to go to his village. Ichchha gives him some money for going. Ichchha tells Kaakka that she will look after Khaana well. Kaakka leaves.

Tapasya is turning over pages of a magazine and stops when she sees a page where she finds an article written on Veer titled ‘ The Business Man of the year, Veer Singh Bundela.’ She tears the paper and throws on the ground. Rathore picks up the paper and asks the reason for it. Tapasya tells, “that only what you see”

Rathore: (Picks up the paper thrown by Taps) As you see Veer’s photo you get angry. You get water in your eyes. I am asking this since you look very troubled. What is the reason for all this? (Angrily he tears the paper).

Tapasya: The reason for this is he has no place in my life.

Rathore: It does not bother him if he does not have place in your life. There was no need to tear his photo. Think of it. What do you want, for yourself, from myself and from our life.

Tapasya: (Angrily) I have told you that I want to marry you. How many times more should I tell you?

Rathore: I am not arguing but talking with love, sounds should not go out of this room Tapasya. You have already told about marrying but it does not look like that you really want to marry.

Tapasya: I have told you many times that I want to marry you but you are not getting a auspicious good date.

Rathore: There is no need for a good date, previously when you spoke for getting a good day for marriage I met Veer. At that time he did not ask about you so you got anger on him so you wanted to marry. I understood that you need time. For you marriage took place very urgently. But I can’t become an alternative for someone else. Your anger on Veer cannot be the reason for our relationship. Why do you want to marry Tapasya, you ask this question yourself, all these you are doing to show for Veer.

Tapasya: I cannot answer repeatedly for one question. Not one time but thousand times I have told you that I want to marry you. How many times more should I tell you?

Veer drops Madhura in his car and she calls him to have a coffee in her house. Veer accepts and goes inside. He sees photos of Madhura along with a person. Thinks of his own sweet days with Ichchha.

Madhura: Sir, Coffee.

Veer: Thank you, (sees the photos) I must say you are very lucky.

Madhura: He is my would be.

Veer: (sees the ring in her finger) Must be an engagement ring, right?

Madhura: Yes.

Veer: Why don’t you bring him to office sometime we could have lunch together.

Madhura: No Sir, this is not possible. Sir, coffee. Sir, you would have felt bad for refusing. But I am really sorry sir, I am only like that. Because he has gone to such a place where no one returns back. He is no more.

Veer: I am sorry.

Madhura: Sir, please don’t say sorry. Everybody say like that only. Sir, it is my life, why other should feel sorry for that. The day when our engagement was to be had, I went to receive him I was seeing him coming when suddenly he met with an accident. When I saw him last time I saw a smile in his face, his smile touched my heart and I kept it there. So many things in our life we postpone telling that we will do tomorrow. But we realize that our portion of tomorrow had been finished. If somebody goes away from our life we feel suddenly a vacuum in us. Then we realize what all that person took away from us. Sir, life is like that only. Sometimes I feel in this life just for one time we get a reprieve, I could see him at my full heart’s satisfaction, I could tell him that how much I love him. But that day will never come now, sir. Sir, if you don’t mind can you ask you something? Sir, every time you are sad, every moment you feel someone is missing in your life. You feel that justice has not been done to you. You feel you have lost everything. Sir, just look at me, if I have to… even then I can’t bring him back. But if you want to, if you try you can do many things. Sir, do you see this glass. To human knowledge, it looks half empty but if you see it is half filled. Just like that if you have life you could tell sorry . You could tell ‘I love you,’ sir, who will see tomorrow. There no guarantee.

Avinash at his top gear anger kicks all the things in the room. Shouts to himself frustrated, tells to himself, “searched everywhere, searched every road no sign of her, where did she go? I am going mad.” Telling he hits his head repeatedly with the door of the bureau. Hits his head with his own hand. Tells to himself, ‘One time I find you.’ I’ll teach you such a lesson Ichchha you will never once again like anything. My name is not Avinash if I don’t take revenge. Kicks once again and suddenly finds something and as he takes it, he sees it’s the passport of Ichcha. He gets happy seeing it, shakes his hand in triumph, tells, “Mrs.Ichcha Veer Singh Bundela. Bundela house, meaning Bundela Enterprises owner Veer Singh Bundela’s wife, interesting, very very interesting.”

Rathore opens his vault hears some slight noise and sees the wall screen shaking back of him. Takes his gun slowly and orders, come out. Frightened Nani comes out. Tells him to lower his gun.

Rathore: what are you doing here? You are lucky; usually I shoot and then ask questions.

Nani sees the vault and opens her mouth in aweness seeing the money and gold biscuits in the vault.

Rathore: Are you spying?

Nani: No, I am marrying my granddaughter to you so I am seeing whether you are really a rich person or just showing off.

Rathore: In this room only this much is there, other assets shall I give you the list or you will spy and know it. So what is your opinion, do I appeal to your granddaughter.

Nani: I am confident that she will be happy with you.

Rathore: If this wealth, gold and property can keep her happy then she will be very happy Nani, she is lucky, whichever house she goes she sees wealth. You have only seen my vault Naniji not the heart of Raghuvender Pratap Rathore. This wealth is nothing compared to the love I have on your granddaughter.

Nani tells to herself, Ram hi rakki how much ever I get to know of this fellow I get more astounded.

Ichcha is lying awake on the floor bed and thinking of Veer.

Tapasya is going in her car when she sees Veer standing and talking in the road. She asks the driver to stop the car and goes on seeing him. Her mind flashes back the days she was with him and gets happy. Her day dream ends in Veer asking her to go out. She tells to herself, the anger I did not see, and the insult that stays in my heart everything why I forgot. Veer goes to his car and drives off. Tapasya wipes her tears, she gets a call from Rathore who asks her where she is.

Rathore: You had chosen the auspicious date. Tomorrow is the marriage should everyone search for you. I asked your Nani, she also does not know where you are.

Tapasya: I am shopping to purchase some needy things.

Rathore: Baijan is asking about applying of Mehandi, I am talking of marriage, in which condition this is taking place, I think we should keep it simple. To whom should we show. If you wish you can apply Mehandi for name sake.

Tapasya: Why for name sake? It is marriage; I will apply mehandi like a bride, to the whole hand. O.K., I am coming. I am on the way I will be there now.

Nani: What happened? What did Tapasya tell?

Rathore: She is coming, she wants to adore like a bride. She wants to put mehandi on both of her hands.

Nani: Haldi, mehandi, songs everything should be there. Tappu’s marriage should be celebrated greatly.

I am telling, invite everyone in the city. Importantly Bundela’s family.

Rathore: I am not marrying to make others reprehensible Nani. And in which condition this marriage is taking place, noise and play I don’t agree.

Nani goes dumb and sits swinging her body having failed.

Ichcha is sitting and threading flowers.

Damini: What are you doing?

Ichcha: The neighbouring flower women had got huge orders, I thought I could help her out. I get bored sitting in the house.

Damini: Seeing these flowers I remember Cookie. (smiles).

Ichcha: Yes, mummy, what I learnt from Cookie now it is useful.

Damini: So many years have passed, even then you have not forgotten to thread flowers. It is very beautiful Ichchagi.

Ichcha: why will I forget? I had threaded flowers with Cookie.

Damini: (To herself) Your luck! Veer Singh Bundela’s wife is now threading flowers. (smiles)

Ahn, Ichchagi why don’t you go back to Veer. You…!?

Ichcha changes the topic…

Ichcha: Bride and bridegroom will look very nice in this garland. Kakki was telling that by evening this should reach the city. I will give it and come, o.k.

Damini: No no, you need not go in these circumstances give me that garland. Damini puts all the flowers and garlands into a bag, Ichcha gives her the address slip. Damini reads the slip in which it is written…

Sri Raghuvendra Pratap Rathoud, Address: Raghuvendra House, D.N. Road, Mumbai-4000….


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