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Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-299 to 302 17-8-11 to 22-8-11

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-302 22nd August 2011

Krishna gives Sindhu's letter to Vijay who gets overjoyed. When he is about to read the letter Bhairavi comes there and plucks the letter and tells him to go and wash his hands so that she could take the size of his finger for buying ring.

Vijay tells that he want to read the letter first and then he will do other works.

Bhairavi fakes fainting and Vijay leaving the letter goes to bring juice for her. When he returns he does not find Bhairavi but the letter cover is on the table. He takes the cover happily to read its contents. There are two parts of the letter.

Vijay reads the first part of the letter in which Sindhu tells that her mother had brought her up so that she always speaks truth. Hence before marriage she wants to tell everything so that there is no any suppressing of facts that happened in her life.

Sindhu is in tension thinking how Vijay would take after reading the contents. Bhairavi consoles her, or just fakes consoling her.

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-301 19th August 2011

Sindhu liking to be truthful wife to Vijay writes all about her past lives, her love with Veer etc and sends the cover with Krisha. Sindhu just does not stop there she tells this to Bhairavi who gets frightened. Bhairavi thinks this could open the eyes of Vijay and the marriage could get stalled. She asks what if the marriage gets stopped. Sindhu tells that if he thinks so then she is ready to not marry him. But it is better to tell everything before marriage to Vijay.

Bhairavi goes to Bundela's house to take out the cover letter silently but Chandra sees it hence when Krishna asks about the letter she has to give. Vijay gets the letter and reads the contents, he calls up Veer to clarify his doubts.
That was it looked by the end of episode, but it was not to be, Bhairavi never allowed Vijay to read the letter.

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-300 18th August 2011

Sindhu is lost in the rooms of the building not knowing the exit door. Veer and Vijay are after her searching for her calling her name. Sindhu sees something and gets frightened falls back when Veer comes there and supports her. Sindhu stays there huddled with him. Vijay sees this from down with an angered look. Sindhu just stays there frightened in his chest. Vijay runs above and snatches her embraces her. Sindhu in Vijay's cuddled arms goes on seeing Veer. Veer then just goes on seeing her back.

Sindhu back in her bed goes on recalling the story. She decides to tell everything to Vijay before hand.

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-299 17th August 2011

Vijay continues the story... Shamsher Singh used to cut off their heads who spoke wrong on Nandini and his brother's relatioship. Gossip spread Shamsher started getting doubts on Nandini and his brother. Then he started getting revengeful attitude. He noticed changes in Nandini's behaviors. He started thinking if their love happened because of him or before itself they were loving. Once Shamsher poisoned his brother and Nandini too died taking poison.

Vijay gets very emotional telling the story. He tells to prove love they have to call loud their names and shouts "Sindhu.' Sindhu runs off and gets caught somewhere, Vijay and Veer go in search of her.


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