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Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-303 to 305 Written Updates 23-8-11 to 25-8-11

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-305 25th August 2011

Damarai feels some uneasiness and some lurking danger and weeps. Sindhu consoles her and tells nothing will happen to her. Bhairavi gives some fake advices to Sindhu and embraces her with a wicked smile.

Veer is sad having lost Sindhu and so is Sindhu. Veer had given her a card with a smiling icon and had told her to see that whenever she is sad. Sindhu takes that card and gets into her past. Then she takes a match stick to burn those but her mind refuses, then she remembers Bhairavi's advice and burns the cards. Veer too does the same.

Vijay is very happy and tells to Gunavanthi that he needs her blessing to live with Sindhu without any problems.

Jogi is upset to know that Bhairavi has gone to Veer's house. Rohini tries to give some sweet to Sindhu. Damarai tells Sindhu to fast since she is going to marry.

Veer is seated sad when Bhairavi comes there. She sees him being sad and asks the servant if he has eaten anything. She says he has not so asks her to bring food to him. She tells to Veer that Sindhu is very happy. Finds no reaction from Veer and so goes to bureau and takes dress for him. Veer angrily tells her not to touch anything which belongs to him. She has no right to be his wife. Veer goes off. Bhairavi tells to herself, "sooner I will lock him in my net."

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-304 24th August 2011

Bhairavi tells to her grandma that she possess Sindhu's letter. She reads the letter to her grandma. 'I am writing this letter to you Vijay. I want to tell you that before meeting you in Rehabilation center before that... she only wrote this much then I have written the letter. She reads the changes in the letter to her grandma where she had twisted that letter showing Sindhu as a servant girl and she had been growing under Bhairavi's care. Next Bharavi tells her grandma to keep a letter in Sindhu room.

Vijay decides to go to honeymoon with Sindhu, he also calls Veer along with him. Veer refuses Vijay tells that it is waste to talk to him and he will talk with Bhairavi.

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-303 23rd August 2011

Divya is applying mehandi to Sindhu, Sindhu is in a sad mood and to make her happy Bhairavi sings and dances. The dance stops when Vijay comes there shouting "Sindhu." He goes straight to Sindhu and asks about her letter. Goes to Dhamarai and tells that Sindhu sent her the letter and he is going to answer it.

Gunavanthi tells to Veer that Vijay was searching for him and she is afraid. Vijay tells that Sindhu through her letter is doubting his love. Veer enters at this time. Vijay speaks on...I am telling it now... Nobody should have doubt in my love. Sindhu your past lives, your child lives, living in Basti, everything I accept. Nobody can change how we have lived. But henceforth in all your sad and happiness I will be with you. Please believe me Sindhu. Why do you think of your past lives.

He tells to Sindhu "My past life was very bad, and you are accepting me, you are like my God. I like to everyone here now. My past life was bad and if I am a changed person now, it is only of Sindhu. How can I not accept you Sindhu. Sindhu I will accept whatever happened in your life. Whether it was in basti or in this house. Don't have doubt that I will not accept you. How did you get this doubt? I promise you I will not live you for even one second. The love which I have on you, you can't show an example anywhere in the world.

Vijay goes and asks sorry to Damarai for coming in the middle when he should not have come. Tells he came to explain to Sindhu his love. Again he goes to Sindhu and tells that henceforth she is only his own.


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