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Athipookal-961-962 19-9-11 and 20-9-11

Episode-962 20th September 2011

Saroja and the gang men are playing cards happily and merrily when Saroja's informer the constable telephones Saroja and tells her that Panjali's case has once again hotted up. ACP Rejina Victor has been newly appointed in this case. The new ACP is a very talented lady and she had solved many cases. Saroja asks him what name she has kept Victor or something will she come in the bike to catch her. The constable tells her that not a bike but she could come in the rocket to catch her. Saroja gets angry on the constable and switches off the phone. Saroja right hand man tells her the matter is getting serious. Saroja tells him that her name is getting popular in the crime world.

ACP and the inspector visit the jail. ACP asks the Jailor whether being afraid of getting blamed for negligence she had not enquired properly in the case. The ACP tells her that Panjali's falling in fire was not an accident but an incident which has to be probed into. ACP asks her to show the spot where Panjali fell into fire.

Inspector Sudhakar and the ACP visit the spot where Panjali fell into fire. She draws conclusion that in this flat boundary she can never would have fallen accidently and ask who were present when she fell into the fire.

The Jailor tells the ACP that Goveramma was with Panjali during the incident. ACP meets Govramma at her cell and asks whether she had pushed Panjali into the fire. Goveramma tells her that she was brooming and filling the leaves in baskets and Panjali was putting those in fire when suddenly she saw her shouting and rolling in fire. Now she herself is afraid of her life. The ACP then asks her who was standing near the fire. Gowramma tells her that Gangamma was standing near the fire. ACP asks the details of her detention. The Jailor tells her that she was brought to the jail on August 30th and got bail on 6th September. When she is in the jail she used to control other convicts. ACP tells to herself that the incident took place on 5th September and she had got bail on 6th September, she asks the Inspector if he feels something odd about it. Inspector tells that she is still on police roll and she comes to sign to the police station.

Episode-961 19th September 2011

Padma's parents visit Jail to see Manohar they praise him and his sacrifices and brood their daughter's dead mind. Shekar goes to M/s Padma Marbles and gives sweets to Karpagam and Krishnasamy in lieu of Manohar's birthday.

ACP makes a visit to the police station Inspector Sudhakar greets her and tells her that Panjali's report has been received. He tells that as per report Panjali has been injected with poison. Inspector asks if they start the investigation from there. ACP tells him it is a known fact that Saroja's henchman had killed Panjali and there is no need to investigate further in that matter. The investigation should precede it, that is who is reponsible for Panjali to fall into the fire and get hospitalised. Inspector tells her that the report says that she accidentally fell into the fire. ACP tells that the report has been done without any enquiries. So they proceed to the Jail to investigate on this.

As ACP is about to go out she sees the mustache of a constable and feels his looks are not good. She tells him it is not necessary to keep such a big mustache, his look also should be brave, asks to take care of himself. He is none other than the constable who is the informer of Saroja.


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