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Athipookal-963-964 21-9-11 and 22-9-11

Episode-964 22nd September 2011

Dakshina and Manga tell to ACP that Manohar had taken the blame of kidnapping the child in order release Manga from the clutches of Saroja.

After enquiries Dakshina and Manga leave the ACP's office. ACP tells to Inspector Sudhakar that she needs to see this Manohar who is in the jail to arrive at something in this case.

Gangamma comes to the police station to sign the register, one of the constable asks her to sit and wait since the inspector wants to see her. Gangamma waits sitting in the bench when the constable goes out to inform to the Inspector about her visit and that he had asked her to sit. One of the black sheep among the police gets doubts and secretly tells Gangamma to escape. Gangamma gets alerted and she sneaks out and takes the auto when other constables are not watching her. As her auto moves out in comes ACP's police van, it comes in the way of auto and it has to stop. Inspector Sudhakar and ACP get down from their Zeep. Another constable now comes running outside telling that she had gone out inspite of asking her to sit.

Gangamma tells them she had come outside to take fresh air, ACP tells her to come inside and takes her to enquiry cell. ACP puts her first question, "Where is Saroja?" Ganagamma asks back, "Saroja, who is she?" ACP slaps her. Then on further enquiry she tells that she knows her but they are enemies now. ACP asks her then why she helped her by pushing Panjali into the fire and sending her to hospital. She tells that she only poured water on her to save her. ACP tells her she did it to increase the wound on her. Gangamma tells her that she does not have guts to catch the real culprits and is asking questions to her. ACP thrashes her and keeps the gun on her forehead.

Episode-963 21th September 2011

The ACP inquires Gowramma about the incident and who was standing near when Panjali fell into the fire. Gowramma speaks out that Gangamma was there, on further enquiries she tells that Gangamma had told them that Saroja will do something to bring them out.

ACP orders Inspector Sudhakar to catch hold of Gangamma when she comes to sign the register at the police station. Inspector calls up through his mobile but he does not get signal. The ACP then tells him to call up from the landline. When the inspector is about to telephone, Gangamma comes to the police station in an auto to sign the register. She asks the auto to wait for her and goes inside the station to sign the register.

Gangamma signs the register and goes out, the constable who was helping her to sign the register receives the telephone call and getting the information he runs out to bring back Gangamma and put her behind lock-up but by then she goes off in the waiting auto. The constable asks if he should follow her, the inspector in turn asks the ACP. The ACP tells him that she should never know or the people around about that she is wanted so she asks them to wait till next day when she comes for signing the register.

Bhanu's uncle comes in a car with his goonda associates and asks Bhanu to accompany him. Karpagam resists him, he tells that he had borrowed five lakhs of rupees for marrying off Bhanu and that person now is demanding the money back or Bhanu. He tells that if he could get the money then he will leave Bhanu. Karpagam agrees to give five lakhs of rupees by one month. He demands that he should get it by Friday. So Karpagam agrees to pay him in five days i.e., by Friday.

Dakshina and Manga have been called by ACP for enquiry, they arrive and enter the ACP room. Manga tells to the ACP that she is ready to give her life for the sake of Karpagam who is striving to make Manohar and Padma live as husband and wife happily. ACP asks them why Karpagam's husband is not seen in the picture.

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