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Uttaran-685 Written update-1st September 2011

Uttaran-Serial-685 - 1st September 2011


Bundela's family is eagerly awaiting Ichcha's coming by decorating their house.

Ichcha reaches her house with heavy breathes, tension and relief. Damini gives her water. Ichcha tells that she had gone to meet Veer and saw Avinash there. Damini advises Ichcha to telephone once to Veer and tell about Avinash. Ichcha tells that Veer should have taken interest to search her out. He too could have read the paper and should have come. All negative presumptions run into both of their minds finally Damini tells that she will never ask her to meet Veer once more. Sad songs starts in the background and both of them are brooding their fates.

Veer walks back to his house in the rain. When the driver comes with umbrella he angrily tells him to go away. Tells himself that Ichcha would never come.

Rohini tells to Pushkar that Nani is with Tapasya at Rathore's house. Pushkar gets excited and happy. He tells her that whatever Nani does in the end the benefit is his. He would give the child to Tapasya and live in Rathore's house and hell with Jogi and Divya.

Veer is seated in a cement bench drowsing himself in rain when Madhura comes there with umbrella. Veer tells her that Ichcha will never forgive her and so has not come to meet him. He asks Madhura that he needs Ichcha back. Madhura tells him to be positive and his love will bring Ichcha back. She asks him to wipe his tears and takes him to his house.

Bundela's family gets too happy hearing the horn sound of the car. They rush to see Ichcha but they see drenched Veer. Dadaji's smile slowly fades away. Veer tells them that Ichcha never came and she would never come.

Uttaran-685 Written update-1st September 2011-Full:

At Bundela’s house Gunavanthi and Chanda are decorating the floor expecting the arrival of Ichcha.

Gunavanthi: Chanda, Veer did not telephone?

Chanda: Mausi, you don’t worry, my mind tells that Veer will definitely bring Ichcha.

Gunavanthi: Today I will ask sorry first to Ichcha then welcome her.

Daddaji: Wow, let me also put a hand in your decorations.

Chanda: Hurray, Daddaji what are you doing?

Daddaji: I have done so many mistakes let me do some good things too. We have given so much worries to Ichcha. Today I will also welcome her. My daughter-in-law (Gunavanthi) has prepared halwa shall I not do at least this.

At Ichcha’s house…

Ichcha comes running back home and sits tiredly in the cot. Damini gives her water. Damini asks if doctor should be called. She tells her if she does not get all right they will go to doctor.

Ichcha: No Ammu I am all right. Today I went to meet Veer. Veer was not there Avinash was there.

Damini: Avinash! But Avinash how did he know, he doesn’t know anything about us, how did he know that you are Veer’s wife.

Ichcha: Don’t know Ammu, Such people like Avinash will do anything, he would have got information somewhere. I am very afraid Ammu. If Avinash had caught me today!?

Damini: Ichchagi you don’t worry, see nothing has happened isn’t it, you don’t worry, in this condition you don’t fret, we have two other child, you listen to me, you call up Veer and tell everything about Avinash.

Ichcha: Did Veer tried to get information’s about us. Did he try to search us? Tell Ammu does he have any concern about his wife.

(Damini thinks about what Veer had told her when she talked with him and thinks what Ichcha is telling is correct). This newspaper… this ad he too would have seen, if he had interest he would have come definitely. He would have come before me. Now there is no place for me in his world.

Damini: Ichchagi don’t cry, in this condition it is not good to cry. The child will be affected. In future I will not bring Veer’s name. Never.

Veer stills waits for Ichcha at the café and then comes to the reality that Ichcha would never come, he starts walking back to house in the rain, he gets fully drenched but is unconcerned about that. His driver comes running with the umbrella, but Veer scolds in high tone and sends him off. Tells to himself, ‘you will never come Ichcha’.

Rohini tells to Pushkar that she heard that Nani is with Tapasya at Rathore’s house. Pushkar gets excited and happy. “I had thought of making friendship with Rathore, mummy had become his family member now see how she will build a place in Rathore’s heart. She is my mother.”

Rohini: But what is the benefit that we get. We have to live in this house only.

Pushkar: Whatever mummy does in the end the benefit is for me only. This is the right time, now we will give Tapasya our baby. Then you see Rathore will rain gold on us, gold. Then there is no need for us to live in this house. Hell with Divya and Jogi Thakur. We will live in luxury at Rathore’s house.

Veer sits on a cement bench with heavy rain pouring on him. Madhura comes there in a taxi, Veer tells her that Ichcha has not come, she did not come to meet him. He had given her so much sad, she will not forgive him, she will not come to meet him. He tells her, “I want Ichcha, I want Ichcha back.” Madhura tells him, “sir, don’t lose hope, your this love will bring Ichcha back, please don’t get discouraged, you should live at least for the sake of Ichcha, sir, wipe this tears and now lets go home, I will drop you in house. Please sir please.

At Bundelas house…

Daddaji: Lalla has not come yet.

They hear the sound horn of the car. Gunavanthi asks Chanda to bring the Aarthi plate. As they see happily to welcome Ichcha they see Veer standing alone drenched in rain.

Gunavanthi: Lalla, Ichcha did not come, will she not come? She refused to come?

Veer: She did not come Mai, henceforth she will never come.


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