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Uttaran-687 Written update-3rd September 2011

Uttaran-Serial-687 - 3rd September 2011

Veer gets ready to go to U.S. their parents bless him. Dadaji says that he was not able to ask sorry to Ichcha.

Ichcha gets pain in her stomach and her mother advices that they see a doctor.

Divya comes to meet Tapasya but meets Nani. Nani in front of Divya asks the house key from Dai ma in a arrogant manner. Dai ma gives that without any questions. Nani now tells her to just take rest by praying God. Now Divya gets the kick and plans to take her back to her house so that she could keep her away from Tapasya. When she asks her to come back she refuses and tells that she gets all respect here in Rathore's house. And she(Divya) can show her love to Ichcha.

Tapasya then comes and Divya tells her that she has come to take Nani to her house. Tapasya refuses too she tells Nani will not go anywhere. Tapasya tells her not to worry about her. She tells to inform her dad that his daughter knows the good and bad. She politely refuses. Divya feels something bad and helpless.

Veer and Madhura are at Airport. Madhura asks him to reconsider his decision. Veer tells her that his sad is spreading in his house hence he wants to leave. Madhura asks what if Ichcha had not read the advertisement. Veer sternly refuses to take any advises from her. Madhura looks helpless.

The doctor after checking Ichcha tells that everything is normal but she is weightless. The doctor advices that a baby needs love of both a father and a mother and that it would be good for its growth. As they both come out thinking of this advice of doctor Jogi sees them.

Ichcha goes and takes the blessing of him. Jogi tells her that she had made him very happy and a grandfather. Jogi tells that she should inform Veer BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE maybe she may not get ANOTHER CHANCE since he is going to U.S. Jogi tells everything his meeting and talks that he had with him and how Veer is spending his life going to her old school. Ichcha immediately is in a hurry to meet Veer. She wants to stop Veer. She asks Ammu.

Veer repeatedly sees back standing in the counter. Jogi tries to contact Veer through his mobile but does not get the link. Madhura is after Veer to stop him. Madhura tells that Ichcha is somewhere here. Jogi is restless in the car not getting the link of Veer asks his driver to drive the car fast.

Veer says bye to Madhura and moves away from her. Madhura looks on. Veer checks in with the security. Ichcha is seen entering the Airport calling Veer. Veer turns back as if hearing it. Again she shouts Veer. Madhura looks around. Veer looks around.

Finally he sees her and smiles. They stand at their place and walk slowly lessening their gaps. Ichcha wiping her tears shows and signs that she is pregnant. The background melodious song goes on and on and also in their heart. They embrace each other, Ichcha kisses his coat. Veer wipes his tears. She tells that she is pregnant through signs and he sits right there and caresses her stomach the baby inside. Madhura, Jogi and Damini look on.

Veer comes to Damini and asks sorry to her. Damini tells that she knows all and he forgot all the past.

Jogi gives the hand of Ichcha and tells that he should not leave her now. Veer introduces Madhura to Jogi. He praises her on her positiveness that he will meet Ichcha. Veer asks permission to take back Ichcha Damini tells him to come home and she will send her.

Jogi receives a phone call. Madhura takes leave. Divya asks where is he but Jogi tells her that he will at home shortly. Damini feels sorry before Jogi for what she had told earlier and will come back to house when she is called back. This meeting of Ichcha was because of Jogi. She asks permission to work once again in his house. Jogi tells that she is great and she can stand on her own legs and should not live as a servant.


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