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Uttaran-686 Written update-2nd September 2011

Uttaran-Serial-686 - 2nd September 2011


Tapasya is fully and happily absorbed in admiring the sarees its designs saree after saree. Nani is sitting with her face down, Tapasya asks her why she is so. Nani tells her the time now is 11:00 P.M. Nani tells her that Rathore hasn't come to house till now. Girls are longing after him. Tapasya tells her that he never sees any girl. Nani tells her after marriage men change. Tapasya stands up.

Veer thinks that Ichchha had not come purposefully. So he decides to go far off where he can never think of meeting her.

Tapasya's thinks of what Nani had told her about Rathore. As Rathore returns back she asks him why he is so late. He tells he was late searching for some gifts for her and gives a diamond necklace. After putting the necklace into her neck he gets her to promise him to give either a boy or girl. Tapasya smiles shyly.

Veer calls up Jogi and tells that Ichchha did not come even after putting up an advertisement. Jogi tells about his meeting with Damini and tells that somehow they both should try and bring them back home. Veer sticks to his decision that Ichcha would never come and he is going to U.S. Jogi asks sorry to Veer for the act of Tapasya and he should not go to U.S. Veer insists going and asks his blessings.

At Bundela's house everyone are sadly seated when Veer comes there with his traveling bag and tells that he is going back to America. He seeks Gunavanthi's blessings and gets it.

Uttaran-686 Written update-2nd September 2011-Full:

Tapasya is admiring the beauty and favorite designs of the sarees one by one and is trying to share it with Nani.

Nani is sitting dull like a comedy piece silently listening to her admiration of sarees which never interests her.

Tapasya: Designer way sarees, I like it very much, and that too my favourite designer and this color is to my liking. I told I will take this. Nani I am so happy today, after a long time I did what I liked. And.. Nani what happened are you not liking the clothes.

Nani: No, Nothing like that kind of matter.

Tapasya: Then what is the matter? You did not even tell what you felt about the clothes!

Nani: Tapasya you were shopping the whole evening, do you know what’s the time now. It is 11:00 P.M. And Raghuvinder Pratap did not come to home till now.

Tapasya: He will be busy with some work, he will come.

Nani: Tapasya you are not understanding what I am saying, Rathore is a higly valued person with heritage. Thousands of girls wander around him. If something… you are not bothered, If something, some girl… what shall I tell you.

Tapasya: Naniji nothing will happen like that. I know that he never even looks anyone except me. And in party too…

Nani: Before marriage every men are like that. And after marriage house made chicken is equal to dhal. Today morning I saw Rathore talking with some girl. I asked him and he started telling that she is his secretary. I know these men.

Tapasya: (After thinking a while) I will come now.

Veer is in his thoughts holding the paper which has the advertisement, “Ichcha you are so anger with me, you did not come to meet me once. At least once you could have come. It was alright if you had not forgiven me. At least you could have come once. My eyes are longing to see you, and you did not give me this opportunity too. Maybe this is my punishment. Yes Ichcha what is the better punishment for me than not to see you once. But it is alright if this is your wish. O.K. now to live in this city thinking you is very difficult for me. Hence, I have to live alone, I hope to go far from you. Yes Ichcha far from you, so far let that even if the memory of you strikes back I should not be able to reach you or have the thought of meeting you. I will leave this city this country and my home and will go very far tomorrow itself.

Tapasya thinks what Nani told her… ‘Rathore is a higly valued person with heritage. Thousands of girls wander around him. If something… you are not bothered If something some girl.’ Rathore comes and sees Tapasya standing in deep thought, “have you not slept.”

Tapasya: You?

Rathore: It is so late, I thought you would have slept.

Tapasya: No, how can I sleep so early, I was waiting for you.

Rathore: Are you in good health? You are talking like a typical wife.

Tapasya: Did you not like my talks?

Rathore: I like every talk of yours!

Tapasya: Today you have made it very late. Were you very busy?

Rathore: I wanted to buy you something, I was searching for this. Want to see.

Tapasya: What is this?

Rathore: Open and see.

Tapasya opens a small blue jewel box, sees small diamond bangles and laughs, “Mr.Rathore by mistake you have bought a gift which is for someone else. This is not to my size.”

Rathore: This is not for you! This is for a stranger who is going to come. To call that stranger here this is the bribe. (Rathore gives her a bigger red jewel box which has diamond necklaces in it, he wears that around her neck). How is this!

Tapasya: It is nice but I cannot understand what is this (blue box).

Rathore: I want you to give me a child. Our child. And you have to promise me one thing, whether it is a son or a daughter the eyes should be like yours.

Tapasya smilingly tells him, “I promise you.”

Veer calls up Jogi, “Thakur sab how are you?”

Jogi Thakur: Alright, I was going to doctor for check-up. What’s the matter. How are you?

Veer: Nothing is okay. I tried for the last time to meet Ichcha. Gave advertisement in the paper but she did not come, now she will never come Thakur Sab.

Jogi Thakur: I can understand what is going inside you, I had met Damini she was very upset with me, I tried to explain her but she did not listen to me. Myself and yourself have given miseries to them. Whether it is my families mistake or mine we both are culprits. Some how we have to bring them home. My mind says so.

Veer: No Thakur Sab. I have lost all faith.

Jogi Thakur: Don’t think like that. How much Ichcha loves you I need not tell you Veer and I know how much you love Ichcha.

Veer: That’s the mistake, I did not understand her love, how much misery I gave her put her into disappointment she will never come to me Thakur Sab.

Jogi Thakur: What have you decided?

Veer: What is there to decide, there are no options I am going to U.S. if I were to be here every moment I will be remembering her.

Jogi Thakur: What do you think, if you go somewhere Ichcha’s remembrance will not come to you? I get every day and night their remembrance. Did you talk to your Maiji.

Veer: Before talking to them I wanted to talk to you. I am not bold enough to talk to them.

Jogi Thakur: Why do God give worries to good persons? My daughter has snatched my happiness and yours. I ask sorry on behalf of her.

Veer: Not necessary Thakur Sab.

Jogi Thakur: But you don’t go anywhere for the sake of Ichcha.

Veer: No Thakur Sab I don’t have anymore strength, I can’t face Ichcha. Please let me go bless me.

Jogi Thakur: My blessings are always with you Veer.

Veer: Bye Thakur Sab.

Bundela’s family are sitting in the hall when Veer comes there with his travelling bag. He tells them that he is going back to America. Everyone look towards him shockingly.

Gunavanthi: You will leave all of us and go. We will not leave you to go.

Veer: Please Mai don’t stop me, I cannot stop. My sorrow I should bear it. Bless me Mai.

Gunavanthi embraces him and tells him that always her blessing will be with him.


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