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Uttaran-Serial-697 Written Update - 16th September 2011

Uttaran-Serial-697 - 16th September 2011

Rathore waits there in an confused atmosphere holding the rails Tapasya returns back with the small bangle that Rathore gave to her as gift for her would be child that she would carry, she gives that back telling that the report had come and she cannot become a mother. She sits down repeatedly telling that she cannot give him a child and be a mother, she cannot keep her promise that she had given him. Rathore just looks steadily somewhere and stands like a stone.

Veer supports along Ichcha in her walk and as they enter the house with pooja plate Khaana runs shouting seeing Ichcha and embraces her when she drops the pooja plate. Chand who comes there tries to make it a big issue and tells that today being her child bearing function day she dropped the pooja plate.

Gunavanthi who comes there with Umed Singh asks Veer where he had been so early in the morning taking Ichcha in this condition. Veer tells her that he only had been to temple to take the blessings of God and if God’s blessings are with them nothing wrong will happen. Veer also chides a little on Chanda for making commotion on this small thing. Gunavanthi tells that in this condition Ichcha should not go outside. Umed Singh stops Gunavanthi speaking further on the matter telling her that they had been only to temple. Ichcha tells Gunavanthi that she believes in her luck and Gunavanthi blessings and that nothing will happen to her baby. If God wishes anything bad in her life nobody can stop it, she understands her feelings and henceforth will not go anywhere without asking her.

Nani comes to Tapasya’s room and wakes her up telling that it is already 8:00 A.M., when she should have awaked early and taken bath by this time. Rathore had got up at 6:00 A.M. and looked as if he did not sleep all night and then had gone to the child’s room and then went outside.

Tapasya asks where he had gone?

Nani tells today as always he did not go for jogging. Nani asks what happened to them, both are silent and Rathore has gone out, whether she told about the report matter to him.

Tapasya tells her that she had told about the report, she had told lot of lies in her life and Rathore loves her very much and why she should tell lies to him.

Nani tells that she had told the truth and lessened her burden. She should know what to tell and what not to tell to men. Especially for Rathore she should think a thousand times before telling anything. What if her life now will have to be lead like in a jail. And when Tapasya cries hearing this she consoles her telling that everything will be alright.

Jogi Thakur and Divya come by at this time and Tapasya runs and embraces him weeping on his shoulder. And as always he tells nothing will happen and consoles her.

Tapasya tells Jogi Thakur that he had told her rightly that she neither could become a good daughter nor a good friend and now a mother. She got the punishment for what she did and the lies she had told. She can never become a mother and then she sees and mother and embraces her to get consoled. They both weep, Tapasya asks her why it should happen for her like this. Because of her own fault she lost her only baby.

Jogi Thakur tells her that God is not so stone-hearted and asks her to keep faith on him. Asks her to come to his house.

Rathore comes back at this time and as he looks on Tapasya tells Jogi Thakur that she can’t come because Rathore is more sad than herself.

Divya asks where is Rathore and Nani tells her that he had left morning itself since Tapasya had told the truth. Nani tells that she is very afraid what will happen.

Rathore now comes wishing them with folded hands. He goes straight to Tapasya and looks in the face of and eyes of Tapasya, it is a emotional look which could mean that henceforth she will be his child and he her child.


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