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Athipookal-959-960 15-9-11 and 16-9-11

Episode-960 16th September 2011

Maha gives 5 lakhs to Gangamma and asks her what for this money is given to her. Gangamma tells her that she need not know it. She leaves the place without knowing the reason.

ACP Regina visits Karpagam's house and makes inquiries about her for which she gets vague answers. ACP asks Bhanu who is there how really Saroja escaped after knifing her when the police team raided her. Bhanu tells ACP that Saroja got a phone call and hence she acted. Karpagam tells ACP the in her department itself someone is there who is passing on the information. ACP tells her that she would return for enquiry.

Her first job seems to catch hold of the black sheep in her department itself before proceeding with further investigation.

Episode-959 15th September 2011

ACP Ragini waits for her bait in the zeep when the owner of the house comes disguised in mustache. He walks through with his cycle and reaches his son's hiding place. ACP Ragini who follows in a zeep finds him going inside woods and so she walks alone telling other to wait for the signal of her gun shots.

The owner of the house enters his son's hiding place where two goonda elements are kept for his security. He finds his son with another lady and gets upset but goes and ties the thread given by the ACP. He tells his son that today's night his shifting of the place is arranged and gives him some money.

ACP enters the hiding place clapping her hands. The two gang men pounce on her but she overcomes them wielding gun in her hand. She finally asks the culprit criminal to go and sit in the Zeep.

ACP Ragini comes to the commissioner's office and finds Inspector Sudhakar coming out. Inspector Sudhakar tells her that he has been kept under suspension. ACP tells him that for all wrongs happening without their knowledge the end will come in the name of suspension. She asks him to wait and goes inside to meet the commissioner. The commissioner tells her that child kidnapper Saroja is giving a great challenge to the police department and she has to be nabbed by her.


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