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Uttaran-Serial-699 Written Update 23rd September 2011

Uttaran-Serial-699 23rd September 2011

Tapasya: Have you come here to see my fate. To see how happy you are in this world and I remaining the same unlucky girl.

Ichcha: Tappu.

Tapasya: Don’t call Tappu, only my Appu can call me Tappu.

Ichcha: I came here thinking...

Tapasya: You have come here thinking that I see this innocent child and suffer in the memory of my own lost child and start crying, to think how fool I was and lost my child. You have brought this child purposefully and want to see how God has punished me.

Ichcha: I am also a women Tapppu. How can I think like that. I brought Muktha so that you could play with her, talk with her and forget your loneliness.

At this time Nani has come over and is seeing with anger the ongoings.

Ichcha: This poor thing has lost her mother, and you your daughter. I thought if it could be possible you both share your mother and child love. And nothing else Tappu.

Hearing this a sea-change reaction sets-in in the face of Tapasya, she slowly turns towards her child but not knowing its her child. She smiles and slowly lifts her hand to take the child into her arms. If that really had happened there could have been some other terrific feelings between the real mother and child but again Nani plays the havoc in the life of Tapasya.

Nani shouts, “enough Ichcha,” and Tapasya stops then there and withdraws her hands. Thus she misses a golden opportunity to have the touch of her child.

Ichcha turns and sees towards her.

Nani: If you talk one more word I will pull out your tongue. You want to put this child which was found in the street into the hands of Tapasya?

Nani please.

Keep your voice down, In this house we do not keep servants on our head. You had been very proud to have these two children. What happened got satisfied, since you are going to give birth to a child you lost love on this child. You came here to put this burden into the hands of Tapasya.

Now Tapasya comes to her old senses and asks Ichcha what she wants to get by giving this child to her. “Do you want to show that my happiness should be borrowed from you?”

Ichcha: Tappu.

Tapasya: Thanks for coming here.

Tapasya is put under loss without her knowing because of allowing Nani into her house, she is shut off from her own child.

Nani tells Ichcha to go out of the house and Ichcha leaves.

Nani comes running to Tapasya and tells her not to think of what Ichcha was telling, she cannot see her sad. She tells that there is one way. Tapasya turns back and asks what?
Nani: There is a way, but if Rathore tells something about it.

Tapasya: No, no Rathore will not tell anything, you just tell me what is the way.

Nani: Today you come with me to take the blessings of a Sadhu, people look him very high, they look him has God. If you get the blessing of the Sadhu you too could become a mother.

Veer is walking with tension at his house not finding Ichcha, telling to himself, she has left the phone also, at least she could have gone telling where she is going. By then Ichcha comes in sadly and sits on the cot. Veer takes the child from Ichcha and gives her a doll to play with. He asks Ichcha what had happened to her, where she had been?

Ichcha: I had gone to see Tapasya

Veer: To meet Tapasya why?

Ichcha: Yesterday papa was very sad Veer, I realized then we had been so involved in the function that we have forgotten about Tapasya’s sorrows.

Veer: And what happened there, you wanted to show sympathy to her, and she insulted you, why Ichcha why do you want to do this. Tapasya is not fit for receiving sympathies.

Ichcha: I had become very emotional.

Veer: Ichcha in the life of Tapasya there is no place for emotional feelings. Yesterday did you not see that she still possessed that arrogance and the adamantness.

Ichcha: I am sorry Veer. I thought by seeing Muktha she will get some solace she would embrace Muktha and will cry.

Veer: You went there to give Muktha to her, our daughter! How can you think like that Ichcha , what did you think she will accept it, a lady who left her own child in the street how will she accept other’s child.

Veer takes Muktha into his hand and keeps cuddling with it. Don’t try to separate Muktha from me Ichcha she is my daughter.

Ichcha: I am sorry Veer I made a mistake, please forgive me.

Veer: Ichcha think of the present, forget about Tapasya, this child is ours, our life and we will not leave this child.

At Babti Maharaj’s Ashram Tapasya and Nani take the blessings of him.

Nani: Babji, no one goes empty handed coming here, she is my grand-daughter.

Swami: Your name is Tapasya.

Tapasya and Nani sit their folding their hands to receive the blessings.

Nani: Please bless her, let her become a mother.

Swami: Forget about the past and struggles. I know that you lost your child. But where ever she is she is happy. And very soon in your life you will be getting a heir to live with, this is my blessings.

Nani and Tapasya feel very happy hearing that.


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