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Maharani-Serial-461-462 15-9-11 to 16-9-11

Maharani-Serial-462 - 16th September 2011

Rani is produced before the Police Commissioner and the ACP tells him that he learnt one lesson in this that he can do his job without being in duty. ACP tells the commissioner that Rani is the killer of Topiaz.

Commissioner gives her custody to the ACP to bring out the truth from her. ACP and Balaji take her in their custody and ask her to give her statement. Rani keeps silent and does not give any statement. Finally Rani is taken by Balaji and he introduces her to three lady constables who are specialist in bringing out the truth. The three beat her up and she accepts to tell the truth.

Rani is made to sit before the camera Rani starts telling her version. The camera starts running... She tells that she saw once Topiaz coming with the car driver whom she had utilised before. When he called for a party she got doubt on him and so she went to the place early enough and hid knife's at three places for her use and security. She went there again in the night and Topiaz greeted her with burning fire all over the place. She told him that as per the dealing with Prakash henceforth she is not going to trouble Mahalaxmi and Prakash will not interfere in the affairs of Devaraj Associates. That Topiaz will get his half share. Topiaz hearing this laughs and tells that now he does not want any shares to the shock of Rani.

Maharani-Serial-461 - 15th September 2011

Kaliamurthy is speaking in his mobile with Rani. He tells her that ACP is packing off things and is going to his native place after being suspended from the job, so he is arranging for a party to all of his colleagues. Rani tells him to come and meet her since she wants to discuss about the Anticipatory Bail. Kaliamurthy tells her that he cannot come since he will be at the party. Rani insists on his coming so he tells her that he will try to come as soon as possible.

ACP and Inspector Balaji are at the party room with drinks arranged in the shelf and on the table. Kaliamurthy comes into the party hall, he finds no one and asks about it. ACP jovially tells him that others are coming late and he can take drinks. Balaji goes on giving him drinks and Kaliamurthy starts drinking full. He becomes unsteady when ACP starts his first assault. "Kaliamurthy your bank balance is increasing nowadays, Rani is giving you money." Kaliamurthy gets alerted and starts moving out telling that he has some important work. Balaji kicks him from behind. He beats him up red and blue when his mobile rings. ACP takes it from him and switches it ON when Rani comes on the line. ACP switches it off and then informs the cyber crime the phone number and asks to trace out the number from where it is coming.

ACP keeps the gun into the mouth of Kaliamurthy and asks him to show the place of Rani's hideout. ACP and Balaji reach her hideout with their team of policemen and roundup the rowdies. ACP asks Kaliamurthy to go inside and call Rani and not to alert her. The police team take positions and take each rowdy one by one down. Lastly when Rani comes out she is cornered to the shock of her life and is taken before the commissioner.


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