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Athipookal-978 to 979

Episode-979 14th October 2011

Videos removed.

ACP Ragini asks one of the constable to keep trail of the movements of the shoe-polisher. He informs her that the shoe-polisher has sent some message through a slip of paper keeping right inside the shoe which he had polished.

ACP tells him to follow that fellow. The constable runs behind him when he sees him catching an Auto. The constable too catches a auto and follows him. Sitting inside the auto he informs the ACP that he is going following the man on Tirutanni Road.

ACP then calls her team and gets ready to follow the constable. On the way Saroja informer passes on the message that he received to another man who is standing beside his bike by the side of the road. The bike man then starts to move and the constable asks his automan to follow the bike now.

The fellow on the bike takes a left turn and moves on a muddy road and then to a secluded bungalow.

The constable leaves his auto that he came by and goes in search of the bike man and finds him entering a secluded bungalow. He immediately informs the exact location to ACP Ragini who receives the message.

The constable being not alert gets himself watched and caught. He is brought before Saroja. Saroja asks her man to remove gun from him and with his own gun she shoots him thrice. The policeman falls to the ground.

By this time ACP Ragini comes there with the police battalion and takes positions.

Episode-978 13th October 2011

Part-3 video removed.

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