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Uttaran-714 Written Update 14th October 2011

Tapasya is talking with the invitees and is telling them Yuvaraj has become a very pet boy to Rathore. Nani comes there and tells her that Ichcha has come. Tapasya sees Ichcha being embraced by her father and wiping of her tears .

Ichcha then comes over to see the baby, Tapasya is glad to see her and smilingly invites her asks about her well-being and tells that she can understand what is running inside her, she too had lost her child. Tapasya then tells that the child has been kept the name of Yuvaraj. Then she is about to give the child to Ichcha when someone calls her and she takes back the child. Ichcha’s protruding hand to take the child remains like that. Nani feels happy that Ichcha could not touch her child.

Veer is watching from far and tells himself that Nani has brought Ichcha to feel the loss of her child more intensively. Veer goes to comfort her when Nani comes in between and starts telling him that she felt sorry for Ichcha having lost the child and that nobody can win over the fate.

Gunavanthi is questioning Khaana what he had done, Chanda tells her to leave him, Gunavanthi asks her to shut her mouth and again questions how he fell that TV set to ground. Khaana tells her that he was playing with ball and then this happened. Gunavanthi asks why he could not play down in the garden. Then she slaps him and leaves him crying closing his face. Chanda is seen upset seeing this and sad.

Tapasya is holding the child and Ichcha is longing to have the child in her hand. Rathore comes there and feels sorry for the loss that Ichcha had. Tapasya looks like giving the child to Ichcha and then takes away, again the extended hand of Ichcha just remains there, this time Rathore just observes her extended hand and gets to know that Ichcha is longing to have the child in her hand. So Rathore asks her to follow Tapasya.

Damini comes to Veer’s house and finds no one in the house when Chanda comes there and informs that Ichcha had gone to name bearing ceremony of Tapasya’s son.

At Rathore house the child is not stopping his cry and Daima takes him to their room and puts him in the cot. Daima feels that the child needs milk and just then Nani passes by. Daima calls Nani and asks her to look after the child when she will bring milk for him.

Nani is left alone with the child and she starts abusing the child telling him that Ichcha had been controlling Jogi Thakur’s house and here he is taking control.

Daima comes with the milk bottle and as she is about to give him she puts the milk bottle down which breaks.

Nani feels that she can no more stand there so she tells Daima that she can’t bear his crying so she will bring in Tapasya.

The child goes on crying, Daima leaves the child in the cot and goes to bring in the milk.

Ichcha comes searching for Tapasya and sees the baby alone crying in the cot.

At Veer’s house Damini goes in search for Khaana and finds him crying under the cot. She goes near him and asks him what had happened, why he is crying?

Khaana tells her that the grandmother had beat him, he tells that when the baby was to come everybody showed loved to him but when the baby did not come they started showing anger on him. He asks why the baby did not come. Damini says that the God had decided to send him late since Mukta and Khaana are already there. She gives him sweet and embraces him emotionally.

Ichcha is left now alone in the room and she takes her child into her hand. The motherly touch brings in the nature flow of breast milk. The cry of the baby makes her to give the child her milk. She feels the finale satisfaction that had so long eluded her after the child of her was told to her was dead. At last the mother and child got linked. But their link is about to be delinked when Tapasya comes there searching.

Tapasya is then coming in search of Daima and the child. She enters her room finds Ichcha giving milk to her child.


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