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Athipookal-974 to 977 6-10-11 to 12-10-11

Episode-977 12th October 2011

Video Removed

Episode-976 11th October 2011

Video part removed

Episode-975 10th October 2011

Video Part-3 removed

Karpagam drops Deiva Sagayam in his house and finds that ACP Ragini is his daughter-in-law. ACP too comes back from her duty and informs her that Manohar has been left on bail and she can go to the Jail and release him fulfilling all the formalities. ACP also tells her that they are nearing the hide-out of Saroja. ACP then tells her that she has one more good new which she will tell later.

Maha comes to padma's house and tells her that Padma Marbles is going to become a public Limited company. Maha then questions her why she returned some of the goods telling that it is of low quality. Because of that she may not even be able to pay this months salary.

Padma tells her that she can't buy low quality goods and asks her to mind her business.

Episode-974 6th October 2011

The Mustache constable comes back and tells the ACP that Saroja had taken him to her hide-out blind-folded and hence he could not know the route for her place. He further tells her that she is hiding in a old-building surrounded by rowdies. He hands over the cash that he received from Saroja. The ACP gives the money to Inspector Sudhakar and asks him to note down the numbers.

Bhanu who gets bonus from Padma Marbles decides to donate the amount to the Orphanage and tells this to Karpagam. Karpagam appreciates her and tells her that she too will accompany her. Karpagam and Bhanu go to the Orphanage and hand over him 25,000/- as donation.

As they are there a lady comes running and tells them that Deiva Sagayam has fainted. They go to see him and after sprinkling water he gets up. Father introduces Karpagam and Bhanu to him. Further father tells him to go to the house leaving his two-wheeler back. Karpagam tells to the father that she will take Deiva Sagayam in her car and will drop him.

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