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Madhavi - 15-3-11 to 31-3-11

Kalai's daughter Swetha is having her birthday, Madhavi wishes her, Swetha's grandmother too wishes her and gives some money. Madhavi tells that they shall celebrate her birthday by cutting cake. Kokila in angry mood tells that these are not necessary.

In the evening they celebrate the birthday and cut the cake and Kokila gets giddiness. When the children ask her to eat cake she refuses and scolds them. They start crying and complain with their grandmother. Arguments fly over and she speaks out about her poor condition. Madhavi pacifies them and they disperse.

Madhavi - 31-3-11

Madhavi - 30-3-11

Madhavi - 29-3-11

Madhavi - 28-3-11

Madhavi - 25-3-11

Madhavi - 24-3-11

Madhavi - 23-3-11

Madhavi - 22-3-11

Madhavi - 21-3-11

Madhavi - 18-3-11

Madhavi - 17-3-11

Madhavi - 16-3-11

Madhavi - 15-3-11


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