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Maharani - Episode - 121 to 124

Topias tries to misbehave with Rani at Devaraj's house by teasing words and Yamuna sees and hears that. Rani though understands the words of Topiaz just pooh pooh's it. But Yamuna fights with Rani and tells her henceforth Topiaz should not visit her house.

When Devaraj comes to house she tells this to him. But Devaraj does not believe her and slaps her. Yamuna gets very upset.

Yamuna leaves the house. Fortunately Sandhya while going in her car finds her walking alone and takes her to her house.

Devaraj is sad at his house finding his wife missing. After getting a call from Sandhya he goes to her house and brings back Yamuna.

Maharani - Episode 121 - 27-4-11

Maharani - Episode 122 - 28-4-11

Maharani - Episode 123 - 29-4-11

Maharani - Episode 124 - 03-5-11


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