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Maharani - Episode - 116 to 120

Maha's who tries to help Crazy to set right her life boomerangs. Crazy tells that what she told on the marriage day of marriage was lies to Sandhya and so Sandhya becomes angry on Maha and asks her to leave her house.

Prakash meets Crazy and enquires the full details and finds that Crazy had been threatened to tell lies to Sandhya. Sandhya comes there and Crazy now tells the truth and tells that Topiaz had threatened her not to reveal the truth when the real truth was Manikkam had raped her and she is pregnant due to him.

Sandhya asks Crazy if she is ready to lodge a complaint and Crazy tells that she will. Prakash then tells the cause of all these happenings is Rani and asks Sandhya to take action on her. Sandhya tells if there is proof she will take action on Rani.

Maha visits Devaraj's office and Topiaz is stunned to see her. Maha talks with Devaraj and Rani is frightened if she reveals her identity.

Maharani - Episode-116 - 19-4-2010

Maharani - Episode-117 - 20-4-2010

Maharani - Episode-118 - 21-4-2010

Maharani - Episode-119 - 22-4-2010

Maharani - Episode-120 - 26-4-2010


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