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Maharani-Serial-324 to 340

Rani corners Mahalaxmi telling that she will bring to streets Yamuna and Devaraj by chasing them out from their house. But if Mahalaxmi does not marry Prakash then they will be left untouched.

She corners Yamuna telling the same thing. She is able to convince them not to tell this to Devaraj since he is a mentally disturbed patient and will permanently go to hospital hearing this and from there to burial ground.

Thus she reveals that she knows that Devaraj has written his will in her favour and she is the only heir for the huge wealth of Devaraj Associates.

Anand who starts a new business in his wife's name Suja fails to click in his business. Anand is heart-broken.

When all was going well for Rani, she receives a summon from a court telling that the adoption of her by Devaraj is not been done following proper procedures and it is not valid.

She consults Topias and while discussing they doubt that Jyothilingam the Journalist might have sent this notice.

By then Rani sees Jyothilingam moving over there and calls him. Jothilingam says that he has given the complaint. He will rest only when he sends Rani back to Orphanage Centre. Rani says that she will finish him off. Jyothilingam says that he has encountered so many big shots and politicians and what they could not do she could never will be able to do.

Topias shouts at him at the top of his voice. Jyothilingam laughts at him.

A new challenge surfaces and now Rani has to face him.

A case is filed and Jyothilingam's corner's the defence lawyers arguement with forceful points. Rani is worried and is certain that she will lose the case if Jyothilingam continues the case.

Rani arranges to kill Jyothiramalingam and lands in Jail. In Jail she encounters a tough Jailor and is lodged in a dirty room.

Maharani - Episode 340 - 24 Mar 11

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Maharani - Episode 325 - 3 Mar 11

Maharani - Episode 324 - 2 Mar 11


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