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Mukti Bandan Episode-31 to 50

I.M. virani arranges for the engagement of his youngest son Vaibhav with a ministers daughter in his house.

Media and press persons have been invited for the occasion. IM Virani shows special interest to invite the maximum number of people that he knows for the party. His intention is different, he wants Bhawani Shankar to attend the party. Right in the party he wants to condemn Bhawani Shankar.

But everything does not go as he plans, minister's daughter elopes with her lover and so the engagement of Vaibhav is stalled, but the party goes on as per IM Virani's orders. In the end he is unable to condemn Bhavani Shankar and Devaki. He plans the other way and asks Bhavani shankar to give his brought up daughter Devaki to Vaibhav.

Devaki hears about the love of Vaibhav with Sabina and cancels her marriage but
Virani plans and locks Devaki to accept the marriage by giving 200 crores for the business loss of Bhavani Shankar.

The marriage now is in full swing when Viran's plan is known to his mother and she goes along with her elder son and brings Sabina to the marriage mantap.

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