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Nadaswaram - Episode - 221 to 230

Maha is clubbed down by Pandi and she is admitted to hospital in critical condition. Maha's father goes to police station to give a complaint on the whole family of Pandi.

He finds already Pandi's father there weeping and telling the police to find Pandi and hang him.

Maha's father initially is anger on the whole family of Pandi and wants to give complaint on the whole family and later gets pacified and tells that he wants to give complaint only on Pandi.

Malars family wins a case and they visit their old house which had till now been abundant. Pandi who was hiding there gets frightened and runs.

Playlist-Episode-230 - 11 Mar 11

Playlist-Episode-229 - 10 Mar 11

Meanwhile the astrologer tells that Pandi's brother who had left their house at the age of 10 will now return.

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