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Nadaswaram - Episode - 231 to 245

Gopi and his family together perform pooja for their good living. Maha suddenly disappears and the family goes everywhere in search of her. Malar who was coming to attend the pooja and marriage function of Gopi finds Maha going alone. She takes her into her car and joins her with Gopi's family.

Everybody thank Malar and she is accepted in their family and for the marriage function.

At the room Maha asks Gopi to take her upstairs. Gopi takes her to the top and finding Malar there engages himself talking with her about their love. They discuss and accept that their love will remain forever eventhough they are not marrying each other. Pandi takes this opportunity and kidnaps Maha. Maha's father complains to police against Gopi and the police takes Gopi for questioning.

Gopi is left off but there is more trouble in his family when his cousin elopes with her lover and then after knowing that he is a fraud and a poor fellow cries and calls for Gopi to take him back home.

Nadaswaram-Episode-245 - 1 Apr 11

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