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Thendral Serial 14th Mar 11 to 31st Mar 11

Thendral Serial is being shown in Sun TV at 9:00 P.M.

In Episode-14th March 2011 Tulasi dreams of Tamizh leaving her high and dry in a main road and himself going along with Charu in the car. This clearly shows that Tulasi knowing all is unable to do anything. She has in her hand a difficult task of making Tamizh realise that both his mother and Charu are bent upon spoiling their relationship.

Anand is having a hell of a life with his wife and is playing all tricks to win her love.

Tulasi finds Tamizh spending time with chaaru joking and laughing. When the family decides to go for temple Tulasi likes to accompany them but Chaaru tells her that writing exams is important than temple and so she goes to write exam.

Tulasi and her friend finally arrange ways to throw out Chaaru from Tualsi's house.

Tulasi outwits her mother-in-law and sends Chaaru with her mother. Tulasi is praised by all in Chaaru's house.

Chaaru's uncle tells them that Tulasi is a good broadmind girl, she has agreed to help in whatever way she can for release of Chaaru's father.

Chaaru acts in a hysterical way and this is watched closely by her uncle and he comes to know that she is have psychological problems.

Back at home Tulasi's mother-in-law gets black painted in her face when she tries to confuse Tamizh and fails to instigate him against Tulasi.

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