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Nadaswaram Serial - 251 to 255 - 11-4-11 to 18-4-11

Gopi's family once again gets reprive when Kamu's marriage with Murthy never gets spoiled. They are happy once again.

When Pandi's mother asks Gopi if Pandi is safe and good, Gopi is stunned to see the motherly love.

Shankar the cheat of Rohini calls up Rohini. He threatens Rohini that if she never accepts his love then he will do such a thing that her own family will hang themselves.

Kamu's marriage with Murthy takes place at the same time pandi marries Maha.

Murthy's father who is against love marriage comes to know for the first time that Kamu and Murthy had already been in love with each other. He beats up Murthy in front of all and then tells Kamu that henceforth Kamu should never meet her parents and she will be just his daughter-in-law. Thus Murthy's father breaks the relationship with Kamu's family.

Maha's parents reach the hospital where she had got admitted along with Pandi. The approach of Maha's father being foolish he gets beaten in the hospital.

A new torture is awaiting Kamu from her mother-in-law.







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