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Thendral Serial - 11-4-11 to 15-4-11

Lavanya and her mother are puzzled of how could Tulasi came to know all that has been done to her. When Sudha returns to the house she blames her for telling and instigating Tulasi against her.

Sudha gets angry, she takes an auto and goes to Tulasi's house. She scolds her for having involved her in all her troubles.

Thamizh calls up his friend to arrange money and his friend assures him that he will. Tulasi interferes and Thamiz scolds her and asks her to go and study for her exams and that he knows what to do.

Deepa comes to pick up Tulasi, Thamizh interrogates Deepa and tells that she enjoys in seeing his family getting separated. He tells her not to come to his house henceforth. Deepa is unable to make Thamizh realise what he is accusing her is wrong. The very talkative Deepa silently weeps and with tears rolling in her eyes leaves the house.

Nitish shows anger on Lavanya for what she has done to Tulasi and tells her that her mother behaves totally wrong and that she should change herself.

Charu's family comes over to Lavanya's house to take Nitish and Lavanya to their house.

Thendral - Serial - 15th April 2011

Thendral - Serial - 13th April 2011

Thendral - Serial - 12th April 2011

Thendral - Serial - 11th April 2011


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