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Pirivom Santhipom - Serial - 7 to 12 12-4-11 to 20-4-11

Sundaresan's daughter Revathi is being brought up by his brother-in-law. He is a writer.

Sundaresan has been sending money to Revathi for her monthly expenditure through his brother-in-law. He had been putting those money in a Bank. He now decides to give this money to Revathi and gives the accumulated money to Revathi bundled in a red bag.

Revathi refuses to take money saying that she had been brought up like his own daughter by him and have given her education and respect in society.

Revathi is sitting in the steps and writing her diary. Jyothi comes over there and gives a ear-ring telling that it has been given by the grandmother for her. Revathi likes the ring very much. Jyothi puts the ring to Revathi. Sangeetha who comes there to dry clothes sees Jyothi giving the ring to Revathi which actually had been given to Jyothi.
Sangeetha knows that if Jyothi's mother Dhanam sees this she would be angry. She sends Revathi to kitchen telling that aunty had called her. Revathi goes to the kitchen but Dhanam who dislikes Revathi never sees her face. Sangeetha becomes upset.

When everyone is having lunch Sangeetha tacitly makes Dhanam to see Revathi wearing the ring. Dhanam leaves the dining table without having her food and goes to her room. Sangeetha asks Revathi to take milk to Aunty. Revathi after finishing her lunch takes milk to Dhanam. Dhanam refuses milk and asks Revathi to leave. Revathi thanks for the ear-ring given by the grandmother.

Revathi's father who was coming in a flight to see his daughter dies in the plane crash.

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