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Athipookal-Serial-876 to 887 - 19-5-11 to 3-6-11

Shekar decides to punish Anjali for beating him taking the help of rowdies and Sigamani. The cases comes for hearing. Anjali gives Rs.10/- lakhs to Sigamani to tell witness in favour of her. She arranges a best lawyer for this.

The lawyer is introduced to Sigamani and Sigamani tells him that he will tell in favour of Anjali. Hearing this the lawyer thinks the case to be easy to win.

In the witness box Sigamani gives statement against Anjali and tells the judge that Anjali had taken the help of him to beat up Shekar to win the election.

The Judge punishes Sigamani with Rs.5000/- fine and to Anjali Rs.10,000/- and six months imprisonment.

Padma tells Anjali that she would look after her marble company and she can go and come back from jail without any worries.

At Jail Saroja arranges a convict to assist Anjali and be helpful to her. Anjali gets a mobile phone and talks with Maha. She tells him to finish off Sigamani but Maha tells her to wait for an opportunity at some other time.

Sigamani joins Manohar's office at a salary of Rs.40,000/-. Sigamani tells Manohar that he met Maha who told him that Anjali has plans to kill him. Manohar advices him to give a police complaint against Anjali and Maha.

Manga telephones and tells Karpagam that Gowramma has planned to visit Saroja's house.

Karpagam, Manohar and others decide to complain to police and they complain that a person named Gowramma is coming to stay at Saroja's house who has given shelter to Panjali. The police promise them to take action.

Gowramma arrives at Saroja's house, they both drink and go to sleep. At the middle of night Manga thinking that they are asleep takes her new mobile and calls up Karpagam. She tells her the arrival of Gowramma and that she could not get to hear and know the whereabouts of Panjali from them. As she prolongs her talk Saroja awakes and seeing Manga not in her bed she comes outside in search of her.

Episode - 887- 3rd Jun 2011

Episode - 886- 2nd Jun 2011

Episode - 885- 1st Jun 2011

Episode - 884- 31 May 11

Episode - 883- 30 May 11

Episode - 882- 27 May 11

Episode - 881- 26 May 11

Episode - 880- 25 May 11

Episode - 879- 24 May 11

Episode - 878- 23 May 11

Episode - 877- 20 May 11

Episode - 876- 19 May 11


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