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Thangam - Serial - 484 to 490 - 19-5-11 to 27-5-11

Gunashekar falsely accuses Ayya that he had come to kill him. Selavakannan decides to withdraw cases filed against Gunashekar so that he withdraws his complaint against Ayya.

Ilavanji is the prime witness in the case filed against Ayya. Ilavanji is confused and does not know whether to tell lie supporting her father or to tell the truth in the court and save Ayya from the case.

Ayya tells to Nachaiah that Gunashekar is showing high enemity against Subbalaxmi and is devising all kinds of plans to chase Subbalaxmi out of the village. Ayya further tells her that he has decided to reveal the secret to Gunashekar that is only known to Subbalaxmi, Nachaiah and himself.

Vetrimaran is practicing to become a National Kabaddi player. Valli brings along Porselvi a rich girl whose father is a MD of J.K. group of companies. Porselvi is impressed on Vetrimaran and while leaving she tells him, "I Love You." to the surprise of all those present there. Vetrimaran is lifted high by his friends in joy.

At a temple mistakenly Vetrimaran keeps Kumkum on the head of Porselvi. She asks him to "I love you" to him. Vetrimaran refuses.

Ilavanji is confused at the court what to tell and then finally tells that she can never accuse Ayya who is a like a God to her and commands great respect. Ayya and other are moved by her statement. Ayya is released from the case. When Gunashekar comes outside the court Ganga orders his arrest and the police take him to custody.

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