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Uttaran Serial-601 to 610 - 9-5-11 to 20-5-11

Uttaran - Comments on the story

The Episodes on 3rd May 2011 to 6th May 2011 has many things to watch for. Leave alone the scenes where Nani comes and the scenes on the pooja celebrations. The scenes that is must to watch are the meeting of Ichchha and Tapasya on the road side when Tapasya catch holds the falling Ichchha (May 3 2011 last scene). The background music is great here.

Next the scene is continued on 4th May 2011 at the start with a different kind of background music. Later when Tapasya is unable to walk Ichchha gives her hand for support and Tapasya puts her hand upon Ichchha taking the support. Tapasya and Ichchha exchange their feelings. The old friendship returns back. The old scenes of their childhood friendships are shown. For once it is nice to see that they are friends. People who have missed the episodes on the childhood friendship of Ichchha and Tapasya may not get the touching effect of this scene. Then the scene when the security does not allow Ichchha to enter the construction site. Tapasya with curiosity asks Ichchha if she had reached the site. Ichchha tells her that the security does not allow her. Tapasya with frustration advises her why not she tell him that she is Mrs.Veer Singh Bundela to him. Ichchha just realises this and telling that is allowed to go inside the consturction site. Here Tapasya strangely accepts Ichchha to be the wife of Veer.

Both Ichchha and Tapasya think that Veer's life is in danger and they both are hell bent to save him and they both act hand in glove to save him. At this moment their frienship returns to the full fore.

These scenes makes Tapasya a good lady and we are put to think why not she become good and then why not Ichchha and Tapasya move as friends. And again for some viewers it may make them feel why not Veer accept both as his wife.

Back at house the scenes in Tapasya's room is a good emotional one. Tapasya and Veer are sitting facing each other. Tapasya is happy finding Veer returning back without any danger and is safe. She thanks God for saving the life of Veer and these dialogues bring out the feelings fully that Tapasya has. It brings out the true Love that Tapasya has on Veer. Rather strangely this is the first time we are made to feel that the love Tapasya has on Veer is true love. She talks about the child she is bearing. Veers finds some changes for good in Tapasya and speaks some positive things about her. Tapasya is happy to hear and goads him to continue to tell more as their child too is listening. It is very touchy here. Veer stops his positive talks and tells that he wants to go. Tapasya smilingly accepts and asks him if she can tell what her heart feels and tells that she is afraid that she will lose Veer. Veer for once is moved a little by the words emotionally.

He goes back to his room and thinks if only she had been good as she is today she would have not been at this rut. He not even knows that Ichchha has come to the room. Ichchha after returning for the first time is able to see Veer in their room and is happy that she was able to save him from danger to his life. She silently moves and keeps her head on his lap.

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Uttaran Serial-601 to 610 - 9-5-11 to 20-5-11 - Day by Day written updates

Uttaran Serial-610-20th May 2011

Tapasya walks along and catches hold Sanchi's hand and twists it back and asks, "what did you mix in the drink? If something happens to Ichchha I will never leave you." Satya cries out angrily, "Tapasya," and Veer shouts at him back, "Satya." He comes near him and asks him what he had mixed in the drink. Satya still tries to convince him and tells him that they have not done anything. Veer gets out of control and catches hold of his coat, shakes him back and forth and asks him, "answer me what did you mix in the drink?" Sanchi shouts at Veer, "don't even try to overwhelm my brother." Veer surprised turns towards her and asks her, "you can see?" At last only now he believes this fact.

Back at Bundela's house Nani pours on Mai ears negative things and locks her telling, "If this Ichchha does something to your Vansh." It was enough for Mai to accuse Ichchha and she complains this to Daddaji and Umed Singh. She tells that Ichchha is jealous that Tapasya is becoming Veer's mother. As Jogi Thakur enters and hears these accusations, he tells that he believes Ichchha more than Tapasya. Jogi asks, "What Tapasya has done to this house, if situation needs Ichchha will give her life to this family." Umed Singh asks sorry for what Mai has said but Mai is not perturbed in any way.

At hospital Tapasya brings coffee to Veer, and Veer tells that he did not heed to the words of his father who had pointed over doubts on the documents Satya had showed. He did not believe Ichchha when she had told him to be dettached from Satya and Sanchi. He tells that if something happens to Ichchha he will never forgive himself. Just then his father call him and he tells of what happened.

Umed Singh is in shock when Mai asks him, "What happened to Tapasya, did Ichchha did something to her? At this Umed Singh shouts at her at the top of his voice and Mai gets frightened and her body shakes. Umed Singh tells, that Jogi Thakur was right, Ichchha has risked her life to save Veer. Satya and Sanchi had wronged and cheated.

Doctor tells that Ichchha had taken 'D trip drug.' The person taking this drug will not know whatever happens to him.

Damini comes running asking about her daughter, and Divya her daughter. Veer tells that Ichchha is alright and will be dischared the next day. Tapasya tells all that happened to Jogi and Divya. Tapasya insists to stay back at hotel looking after Ichchha. A background music says that Tapasya's friendship is blossoming here. But Damini tells since Veer is there to look after Ichchha let us all leave. After knowing that Ichchha is alright all of them decide to leave the hospital leaving Veer to look after Ichchha. At this time what is running in Tapasya's mind is not known, whether she want to be with Veer or Ichchha?! Lets hope that it was Ichchha and their friendship has returned with a bang.

Uttaran Serial-609-19th May 2011

(Must watch episode)

Inside Sanchi asks Veer to play music she gets message from Satya to go ahead in their plan. She coughs and asks water and when Veer is busy pouring water, she mixes some powder in the drinks. Veer gives water to Sanchi, Sanchi asks Veer to take drink. Veer waits with tension, he lifts glass and takes the drinks towards his mouth as Sanchi watches (shown in slow motion with background English music to shutter our hearts). They both do not know that four other eyes are also watching it. As Veer is about to drink Ichchha shouts out, "Veer don't take that drink, I have seen Sanchi mixing something in it with my own eyes. Veer stops, and turns towards Ichchha with confusion seeing her there. Then he sees towards Sanchi. Tapasy is hiding behind a wall is watching everything with great excitement.

Sanchi sees everything going out of hand and switches on her mobile. Satya gets the call and hears Ichchha shouting, he rushes back to the room. Ichchha tries to convince Veer that Sanchi can see. Sanchi weeps and Satya consoler her. Sanchi then tells that Ichchha is making fun of her blindness it was Ichchha who had left scorpion on her. Ichchha poor lady for her everything seems going out of her way and once again seems helpless to convince Veer. Tapasya could no longer stay watching this and she comes to help her friend. A friend in need is a friend indeed. She tells, "She is telling lie."

Satya tells that he cannot tolerate accusing her blind sister this way and asks what proof they have that something is mixed in the drinks. Satya tells one more foolish thing, it is because Sanchi is blind she asked Veer to bring water, she did not get it herself. Tapasy tat, asks him, "you were not in the room, then how did you know that Sanchi asked water!?" Satya and Sanchi see that he is cornored, but still Veer's tubelight did not glow... Satya then started playing emotional cord with Veer. Tapasya does corner him more with questions, but Veer is stubborn and he still believes Satya and Sanchi and sides with them. At the top of it when Satya and Sanchi are about leave/escape he tells sorry to them and also asks Ichchha to tell sorry to them. Ichchha then in order to convince a fool does a brave act without caring for her life, she takes the drink and without knowing what is mixed in it drinks it. For some minutes nothing happens to Ichchha and this seconds are well utilised by Veer to continue his accusation and scolds her. Finally Ichchha falls down unconscious. Tapasya calls out, "Ichchha," Veer looks turns around and looks stunned bulb slowly started glowing in him.

Uttaran Serial-608-18th May 2011

Tapasya tells her not to worry and tells her, "when Tapasya is there why do you worry...Mai will order you, 'Ichchha did you not hear what I am saying, go with Tapasya, this very minute, understood.'

Here, Nani and Pushkar plan as usual all wrong things. Nani, shakes her head as usual and tells to her lalldi Pushkar, "See now, I will make Ichchha dance in a such a way that she will forget everything, I had already once removed from Tapasya's mind Ichchha's friendship, other things God only knows.'

At the Hotel in room No.214 Satya and Veer are waiting for the client to arrive when the room bell rings. Veer goes and opens the door and finds Sanchi there. Satya says to Veer, that he only had asked Sanchi to come because the client is coming with his wife.

On the other side, Ichchha is in the kitchen helping Mai cooking when Tapasya arrives there. Tapasya tells Mai, that she is going to check-up and wants Ichchha to accompany her. The incident is one that both Ichchha and Taps should have burst into laughter as soon they are together outside since everything happened has Tapasya had told Ichchha earlier. The script writer missed completely to show this.

At the hotel Satya gives drinks to Veer and fakes a call and tells Veer that the client has missed his way and that he will go to bring him. Thus he sees that Sanchi and Veer are left alone in the room. As Satya leaves the room and goes left side on the right side enter Tapasya and Ichchha. They go to the room door and enter inside.

Uttaran Serial-607-17th May 2011

Veer and Rathore meet...

Rathore : Mr.Bundela yours is a Jewellary and construction business and I want to start this business. We both have a good name in the market. Your efforts of hard work and business logistics and my investment.

Satya comes there and introduces himself to Rathore as business partner of Bundela's family. He shows himself as if seeing Rathore for the first time.

Satya : Mr.Rathore your 100% investment and 50% profit sharing? Frankly your business proposal is too good to be true, anyone will sign such a deal.

Rathore : I agree Mr.Satya this deal is true to be believed... Working capital is Mr.Bundela's, human resources is Mr.Bundela's, overheads is Mr.Bundela's and institutional logistics is Mr.Bundela's and my investment and return 50% profit sharing, you really think it is a bad dealing.

Then it is agreed...Veer and Rathore shake their hands. Rathore's and Satya faces are shown red meaning there is villianity cheating intention behind the deal.

Tapasya goes to the kitchen and helps Ichchha in preparing Pooris. Nani who sees this tells to herself, which is comic/joke for us... Yeh there Damini is taking work from Divya and here Ichchha is taking work from Tapasya! Nani brings in Mai there who scolds Ichchha. Tapasya is unable to defend Ichchha.

Tapasya goes to her room and Nani follows her. Nani tries to share her triumph over Ichchha with Tapasya who tells her to leave her alone for some time. Nani leaves the place with anger.

Tapasya suddenly realises that she has not asked Ichchha whether Veer is going to the hotel. Then she herself asks if Veer has any work and whether he can accompany her for check-up and finds that in the evening he as a appointment in Mayfair hotel. Tapasya finds something fishy and tells Ichchha that Veer has a meeting with some client in the Mayfair hotel. Tapasya asks Ichchha to get ready so that they both can go to hotel. Ichchha tells that there is work at house and she cannot come and Mai will scold her.

Tapasya tells her not to worry and tells her, when Tapasya is there why to worry...she will make Mai order her, 'Ichchha did you not hear what I am saying, go with Tapasya, this very minute.'

Uttaran Serial-606-16th May 2011

Ichchha refuses since Veer already is angry on her when she speaks anything related to Satya and Sanchi. Tapasya gives an outlay of plan that she should do to know that. Ichchha agrees.

Satya tries to cheat Daddaji in chess and win against Dadaji when Veer comes there, he lifts a horse telling that it was already killed and it has been kept back, so ineffect Dadaji has won, then they all think it is only a game, but Satya is disturbed of being caught.

Sanchi searches for the hotel booking receipt and does not find it when Tapasya comes there and tacitly puts the receipt between a book in the shelf.

Satya on his part searches and gets the receipt that reads...

Room No.214, Hotel Mayfair.

Satya batters out that here Veer's respect will bite the dust.

As planned Ichchha talks sweet and asks him why he had not told her of having booked a hotel in Mayfair to spend their time together.

Veer laughs and as a sudden thought tells her that he had not booked any suite in a hotel.

Ichchha tells to herself... so this is the handiwork of Satya and Sanchi, I will never allow them to succeed in their plan.

Uttaran Serial-605-13th May 2011

Tapasya and Ichchha laughs and talk more on their childhood plays until their face becomes red. Then Tapasya tells Ichchha that they should join together and first find out from where and what for Satya and Sanchi have come to their house.

Tapasya asks Ichchha to do a search in their room when she keeps Sanchi out of the house and message her when the work gets complete.

Then their hand goes up and clasps together and aloud they say together...

Mission Satya and Sanchi's destruction.

The first salvo is Chanda tells that somebody is calling her is on the line and brings her down to attend the call.

It is now interesting to see Tapasya in a different role, the investigative heroic role. Her antics at her room befooling Sanchi by telephoning her running the recorded Ambulance siren in TV is great to watch. Sanchi is terrified thinking something has happened to her brother. She tries to telephone him when Satya arrives there and takes Sanchi back to the room

When Sanchi is down Ichchha makes a search of her room and as she receives message form Tapasya that they are coming to the room, she hurriedly arranges the shambled things and hides behind a screen but is caught red-handed when Satya finds her. Satya could do nothing, Tapasya arrives there and sends Ichchha to get juice for her. A different kind of order this time only they both know.

Divya gets headache while cooking, Damini sends her to take rest and brings her coffee. And when Damini messages her head Divya for once gets high relaxation feeling and likes that. Her jealous evaporated.

Tapasya asks Ichchha if she had found something and she shows a receipt showing a room booked in a hotel on Veer's name. Tapasya tells Ichchha to ask Veer if he had booked any hotel and if he hasn't then Satya and Sanchi are after something.

Uttaran Serial-604-12th May 2011

Satya keeps the document before Thakur Umed Singh (Veer's father) and tells him that if we invest we would get profit five times of it. Umed Singh tells him that the report gives about the cost of the factory but not the monthly maintenance expenditure that occurs in the business. It also has not reported about the other aspects and vulnerabilities.

Satya tells him that the company gives warranty for 0% maintenance cost for 5 years. Veer adds that technology has improved and Satya cannot go wrong since Satya is also a partner. Satya thinks himself that Umed singh had struck to the right point and he would bring loss in this way only.

At Veer's house...Tapasya and Ichchha are having emotional talks and dreams of old days when they were thick friends.

Ichchha : How did you get into the mind to tell that you have bought the necklace from London.

Tapasya : Are you mad? I had brought the necklace locally shopping with my mother. I thought Veer would fix a trip to London which he did not.

Ichchha : Are you telling that you want Veer and me to go to London together, you would allow us to go?

Tapasya : Then what!? Of course would allow. I want to him to be away for some days.

Here Ichchha starts staring Tapasya and bubbles with happiness inside and Tapasy suddenly realises that Ichchha is staring on her.

Then they start talking about their childhood plays, how they secretly used to sneak out and catch fish in ponds and how they danced in the streets to collect money for the treatment of their friend etc.

Tapasya just listens and then convinces Ichchha that in which house two children do not fight for the love of their parents and that's what she did and has lost many things including the best friend Ichchha. Ichchha shakes her head has understood. She tells now they have once again become best friends, great friends...Ichchhaki and Tappu.

Uttaran Serial-603-11th May 2011

Satya meets Rathore and tells him that his plan to defame Veer and send him to prison failed due to Ichchha.

Rathore starts thinking and avoids telling him that Tapasya had come to meet him fearing trouble to her. He thinks if Veer's wealth and fame is plucked by Satya then Tapasya would come to him automatically.

Satya tells him that next time he will succeed.

Thakur makes Damini a Canteen Manager. Divya gets into jealousy mood and anger over Damini and Jogi Thakur.

Uttaran Serial-602-10th May 2011

Uttaran Serial-601 - 9th May 2011


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