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Maharani - Serial - 381 to 385 - 23-5-11 to 27-5-11

Mahalaxmi is taken into police custody. Anand comes to the police station with Inspector Balaji and Maha is protected from the tortures of the new inspector Kalimuthu at the station.

Jyothi Ramalingam and Anand ask Murali to come over and give evidence to the vigilance that he had given Rs.50/- lakhs to Maha, but he refuses and tells that he had never given any money.

Jyothi arranges another person by named Balasubramaniam as giving the money to Mahalaxmi and releases Maha and the money. Anand gives back Rs.10/- lakhs back to Murali and also thrashes him for telling lies.

Maharani-Serial-385 - 27-5-11

Maharani-Serial-384 - 26-5-11

Maharani-Serial-383 - 25-5-11

Maharani-Serial-382 - 24-5-11

Maharani-Serial-381 - 23-5-11


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