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Uttaran-Serial-611 to 625 - 23-5-11 to 10-6-11

Uttaran-Serial-625 - 10th Jun 2011

Rathore tells that his bride is Tapasya. Everyone is stunned, Nani gets shocked and takes a step back. The two horses which Rathore came by also shakes their head in acknowledgement. The only person who smiles and enjoys the scenes is Chanda. The first one to explode is Nani who comes towards him and showers with abuses and almost seemed like slapping him. Rathore silently bends his head and asks her blessings. Second time Nani takes two steps back.

Rathore : Hope Tapasya has not told all of you.

Ichchha : Mr.Rathore, I would like to first talk with Tapasya and know the truth.

Ichchha leaves. Baldev Singh asks Rathore to come inside. Rathore enters the Bundela's house.

Gunavanthi asks him to tell everything that has happened.

Rathore tells everything that had happened between them. He tells about the mixing of drink and Tapasya falling in bed weakly.

Tapasya threatens Rathore that she will die cutting her hand if he does not go off. She threatens that the child also will die.

Ichchha who overhears this comes to know that the child Tapasya is bearing is Rathore's. Tapasya turns back and is stunned to see Ichchha standing there.

Here Ichchha thinks the child is Rathore's but Tapasya still thinks that the child is Veer's but she is not able to tell that now. She tells Ichchha that she can't marry Rathore and she still loves Veer.

Uttaran-Serial-624 - 9th Jun 2011

Umed Singh and Gunavanthi visit police station where they encounter Satya. Mai folds her hands asks sorry and pleads to him to leave Veer.

Satya takes her to the past when his mother had pleaded and her heart stood stone then. He reminds her that because of her he had to be in jail his sister had no one to look after. His mother died. Both Umed Singh and Gunavanthi had to bow their head and accept that he is right. He further tells that he will see that Veer is punished.

When Bundela family is going under a sad atmosphere they hear Band music. All of them come out to see what's the matter.

Gunavanthi recognises Rathore and then comes Ichchha and questioningly calls out his name.

Rathore himself is surprised to see no one knowing about he marrying Tapasya at least Ichchha.

When everyone tell him that there is no bride in this house he tells his bride is Tapasya. Everyone open their mouth with astonishment. Ichchha probingly stares him and Rathore silently tells her that's the matter.

Uttaran-Serial-623 - 8th Jun 2011

There is song and dance at Rathore's house. Everybody are in full happy mood. Rathore dances and sings and often sees his watch. At last his wishes comes true and there comes Tapasya. He turns and sees her. She is adorned in a golden bordered saree with a beautiful necklace. Her hair nicley shampooed, her right hand middle finger had a green big ring and her left hand forefinger had a red ring; her ring finger had another ring. Both hands had some twenty bangles each golden and glass ones. Totally she looked princess. Her face smooth and whitish her lips shining light red. She had a small green bindu. She bore a small nose ring.

Tapasya asks him she has done all that he has asked if he can now release Veer. Rathore tells her that once she comes home as his wife within two days time he will keep his promise. This will be his marriage gift to her.

Back at home she runs thoughts of all that Rathore had done and all that he had said her.

Lastly she thinks about the failure to get bail to Veer. And Rathore to release him asking her to marry him. Tat she thinks about Veer his gentle touch, he feeding her. Telling that this Tapasya is better than the earlier Tapasya, he likes the friendship she is now having with Ichchha. Her thoughts gets interrupted by knocking of door by Ichchha.

Ichchha brings in food to Tapasya and strangely she accepts the child Tapasya bears as that of Veer. Tapasya just sees her and then their friendship returns with the old background music and their saddness meltsdown to laughing for the moment.

Rathore is in full confidence and calls up Tapasya. Tapasya who is sleeping wakes up. Rathore tells her that he is coming to her house as groom. Tapasya drops her mobile shocked.

Uttaran-Serial-622 - 7th Jun 2011

Ichccha is full of sad, Umed Singh tells her not to show this sadness to Gunavanthi and Daddaji. He tells her it is she who have to take the responsibility to fight for justice and release Veer. Ichchha wipes of her face and vows that she will not cry and will vench for the release of Veer.

Rathore is asked by his mother regarded old lady that he should go to the bridegroom's house on a horse. Rathore accepts it.

The lawyer who comes over to Bundela's house tells that the case is very difficult. The medical report confirms the guilt of Veer. The hotel room is booked in Sanchi's name. The presence of Veer in that room and the nail-marks of Veer on Sanchi goes against him.
Veer's medical report shows that he had alchohal. The lawyer tells he can only try for bail. He leaves telling he will try to get more materials for the case.

Rathore sends through his servant saree, gold ornaments etc. Tapasya receives it. Rathore calls her up and Tapasya asks him if he is mad, everyone is tension here.

Rathore tells her that he is happy, she will have to bear the tension for only sometime more. He tells her there are songs in his house and she being bride should come, he would send his car at 7 o'clock and she has to come.

Puskar tries his hand instigating Divya against Damini and Jogi.

Veer and Ichchha at their places think of the times they had spent happily.

Uttaran-Serial-621 - 6th Jun 2011

Tapasya with soft steps enters the house of Rathore. Rathore is reading a newspaper.

Rathore : Welcome home.

Tapasya : Ji, How did you know that I have come?

Rathore : I was waiting for you, I know you will come. Sit down, please its not good for you to stand. You look good with this saree. I know what for you have come.

He puts the paper down where in front page Veer is shown in the lock-up cell.

Rathore : I am sorry, it is impossible to save Veer, I can't help you, that too after the manipulation of medical report of Sanchi. Veer is a good guy I have no enimity with him. For sometime he has to be behind the jail.

Taps : Mr.Rathore only you can save Veer.

Rath : No broker, no lawyer, no law can save Veer from this case.

Tapasya holds his arms and pleads with folded hands and asks him to save Veer.

Rathore finally accepts to save Veer in return he asks Tapasya to marry him. He tells her as she enters his house Veer will be released.

Tapasya tells him she can't marry him and Rathore tells her then he too cannot help to release Veer. He further tells her he cannot believe her.

Tapasya rightly asks him, if you don't have faith in me then why do you marry me?

Rathore tells her some forceful points, he tells her that he loves her and more then her his child she bears. He tells do you think, Bundela's family will accept you after you give birth to child. Don't be so knive, Tapasya smell the coffin. Nobody wants you in Bundela's family. Tapasya then asks time. Rathore gives her 24 hours time and tells her that next day he will come to her house adorned as a groom.

Back at home Ichchha and Umed Singh return without Veer and they tell Bail was refused to Veer. The medical report of Veer could not be taken since it is now beyond 12 hours.

Tapasya thinks if anyone can save Veer it is only Rathore, his witness.

Rathore tells to his mother like old lady that next day is his marriage and she is so happy that she almost would have got heart-attack.

Uttaran-Serial-620 - 3rd Jun 2011

Ichchha tells Tapasya that Sanchi would have mixed D drug which when drunk the person would lose consiciouness and remember anything.

Ichchha then goes to police station with her report and places in the hands of inspector, she also shows the complaint which they have registered earlier against Satya and Sanchi. She produces the Hotel Room bill booked for their stay. After seeing all this the inspector disregards those materials telling those are created one and builtup story. Umed Singh who had accompanied her tells Ichchha that they shall leave.

Umed Singh who is close to commissioner calls him up. The commissioner tells him that the media are after this case and he can do nothing in this case. The Lady Inspector Gauri Sharma is an honest inspector and he does not want to interfere in her investigations.

Ichchha then meets Veer. She consoles him and tells him that he will be free.

Uttaran-Serial-619 - 2nd Jun 2011

The inspector continues her questioning when Veer tells her that Satya and Sanchi have past enemity with him and he has done nothing.

Umed Singh and Baldev Singh bring in a lawyer to get bail but the inspector refuses bail to Veer. Satya comes there and appreciates the inpector's decision. He moves near Dadaji and tells him these rich people can purchase the law and do many things. He was speaking about his own injustice at the hands of Dadaji but the inspector thinks he is speaking on the present case.

Umed Singh and Baldev Singh return home and tell that Veer's bail is not being accepted by the inspector. In these types of cases a women words are given more importance. And Veer is not able to remember anything.

At the cell Veer is still in a drowsy condition and struggling gets up and drinks water kept in the pot.

He recalls Satya telling him at hotel that he will send him to jail and the dramas that Sanchi played against him to get him jailed. Then Ichchha telling him to keep distance from Satya.

Uttaran-Serial-618 - 1st Jun 2011

Sanchi tells to the inspector to hang him for his offence. The inspector tells that she will get him punished for his act. The inspector blubbers just like a true inspector to get justice to the victim. She tells the constables to put hand-cuffs on him and take him so that everybody sees him. Veer's giddiness and weakness is construed by the inspector as that he is fully drunk.

When he is brought down hand-cuffed Daddaji and Umed singh see it and then as a surprise they see Sanchi following.

Media take on Veer Singh and ask him if he is not satisfied with two wives. Whether his second wife will now agree to live with him. Veer is unable to think or speak being very weak. Media people declare that Veer being drunk as raped a girl.

At police station Veer is made to sit in a chair his hand tied back and water is poured continously on his face. They try to get statement from him but are unsuccessful.

Satya is shown and a flashback is shown where at his young age he was dragged into the police jeep and taken to police station his mother pleading with the police to leave him. It makes us to feel that his action are right. But what is in store for him for false accusations he does not know.

Assuming that an F.I.R. is registered...

As per today's episode the accused has not been sent to hospital to get a medical report certifying that he is drunk. A defence that is strong on the side of the Accused. Then there is the booking of the Hotel Room No.302 by Ichchha. The time of visit of Ichchha and Veer. The chit passed by the bearer to Veer luring him to Room No.512. The room boy refusing to open the room on persistance of Ichchha. The Hotel staff's not responding for the distress call of Bundela's family to open the room. Last but not least whether Sanchi is sent for medical examination to confirm rape is not known. A complaint against Satya and Sanchi which is already pending on the police file. A very strong case for the defense and prosecution easily fails. So Satya and Sanchi could end up in jail for conspiring and causing danger to life and personal security to Veer.

Uttaran-Serial-617 - 31st May 2011

Baldev and Umed Singh send Tapasya and Ichchha to home and they go to complain to police. Damini and Divya are at Bundela's house consoling Gunvanthi.

Gunavanthi speaks out her mind, still telling that she is on the right side and Satya was wrong. She chides them that they had been servant in their house and now they are doing this bad to their family.
Her words indirectly hurts Damini.

Daddaji and Umed Singh complain with police and they ask them to wait hence they complain to commissioner.

Ichchha and Tapasya come back home where Gunavanthi embraces Ichchha and asks if nothing has happened to Veer.

A lady inspector Gauri Sharma takes up the case and hears what Baldev and Umed Singh have to tell. Just then a phone rings and as per the message she tells them that a girl was raped and the rapist name is Veer Sing Bundela at Hotel Silver Arch Room No.512.

The Inspector reaches the hotel and enters the room No.512 and in the spot finds Veer on the bed unconscious. The whole place resembles shambles pointing out that a great struggle had taken place there. Hundled back to the wall knees together and face between the knees is Sanchi who comes running seeing the inspector. She cries and tells pointing to Veer that he had spoiled her. Lady Inspector Gauri Sharma assures her that the case is in her hand and she knows how to deal with this kind of people.

Uttaran-Serial-616 - 30th May 2011

Veer : (weakly on bed) Sanchi I will ask pardon with Satya.

Just then Satya enter the room.

Veer : (sees towards him) Satya whatever happened...

Satya : Now you come to remember, your brother's one mischief made me to spend my childhood behind jail, I lost my mother because of your family. Sanchi like a orphan was working in a tea shop, whether your family came to look her. You will realise what is to be behind jail without doing any wrong. You will plead not guilty but no one will heed to it. Get ready to get jailed Veer Singh Bundela to a punishment which will be greater than death.

Sanchi goes and lifts a candle stand and strikes her face with it and asks her brother whether now it looks convincing. Satya takes the candle stick from the hand of Sanchi in a handcherchief and gives it to Veer which he holds.

Ichchha stands outside Room No.512 and asks a bearer to open it, but he tells that there is no permission for it. She tells him that her husband's life is in danger but of no avail.

Chanda who comes to give milk to Tapasya sees her going to see Ichchha. As usual she instigates her and tells her that she will be nothing to Bundela's family after she delivers the baby. Tapasya tells her that no one now can break her frienship with Ichchha and threatens her that if she once again takes any of the three's name she will never be able to walk in the house showing her face. But these threatens does not bother Chanda.

Damini being the canteen manager of Jogi Thakur's company gets a very good feedback from the employees on the taste of the food, Jogi calls up Damini and tells this to her.

Rathore calls up Tapasya and tells her that there is only two days more for him to come and take her with him. He also tells her to come the next day for a great celebration. He tells her that the child bridges their relationship. Tapasya tells him that the child is not his.

Ichchha calls up Tapasya and tells her that Veer has not come to Room No.302 whereas he had come to the hotel and he is in some trouble. She tells that she also thinks that Satya too is present in the hotel.

Baldev Singh, Umed Singh and Tapasya reach the hotel. The hotel receptionist is not helpful and hence they decide to complain to the police.

Uttaran-Serial-615 - 27th May 2011

Divya meets Tapasya and tells her that she wants to see her happy always. Tapasya tells that she is happy and because of the child she bears she has changed. She also tells that maybe after the birth of the child Veer may accept her along with the child.

Inside the room No.512 Veer is welcomed by a rose and a chit kept on a table, written on the chit is to off his mobile phone. The room is semi-dark and Veer finds a lady with a veil around her face. Thinking her as Ichchha he goes near her and she gives him drinks which Veer drinks. When Veer lifts the veil from her face he finds Sanchi, seeing her he tries to drag her out to hand over her to police but it was too late and Veer finds himself unable to stand. Sanchi pushes him on the bed and he falls weakly.

Ichchha waits at Room No.302 and finding Veer not arriving goes in search of him. She then does go to Room No.512 and knocks the door calling out his name. Finding no response she leaves the place.

Sanchi : What do you think Veer we will run away, now your Daddaji's respect everything will go to dust.

Sachi wipes her lip stick from her mouth to her cheek, she tears her blouse. She pushes down all things from the table. She goes on talking and removes her bangle from her hand and spills it broken all over the bed. She takes the hand of Veer and scratches her shoulder arm with his nails.

Sanchi : Remember Veer when my brother was pleading with your family that he was not guilt. He was begging to show kindness. But did anybody listen to him. He was jailed for no fault of his. Now you too should suffer like my brother had suffered until now. Your mother too will plead before us will beg for kindness. Your families will put their heads down. Eventhough you have not done any wrong you will be behind bars Veer Singh Bundela then our revenge will come to end.

Surely a tit for tat and it will look correct and justifiable when looked from the angle of Satya and Sanchi.

Uttaran-Serial-614 - 26th May 2011

Ichchha brings back and talks all the good times passed with Tapasya while Damini points out the sufferings she had to undergo at the hands of Tapasya. While Damini doubts the good behaviours and intentions of Tapasya Ichchha douses the fire of her mother telling that Tapasya has changed for good and she need not worry.

Right at this time Pushkar takes the place of Nani and puts poison into the ears of Tapasya. He tells that Ichchha is running away with the credit for all the good that was done in saving Veer while they both did the job. Tapasya silently listents all that he had to say and in the end warns him sternly not to interfere in her matters and not to become a Sakuni Mama. Pushkar though looks stunned he is not at all perturbed and smiles after Tapasya leaves and says to himself, "Hmm, I have started the fire and Nani will bring the wind."

Bundela's family at the dining table speak great the friendship of Ichchha and Tapasya.

Jogi brings band gifts for his daughters which has their names engraved on it. While Ichchha puts the band of hers on Tapasya's hand Tapasya ties the band of her name engraved to Ichchha's hand with a old background melodious music. Jogi suggests an outing to forget all the bad things and Tapasys tells that she will arrange it and they will surprise Veer.

Thakur Baldev Singh repents for what he had done to Satya, Veer also feels sorry for what happened to him and tells that if he had known this and had been given an opportunity he would have asked sorry with them. He further tells that Satya has not left the place and he may do harm once again. If he could happen to meet him he will ask sorry to him and will convince him.

Tapasya is in happy mood with the thoughts that her friendship had returned, her father talks sweet with her and so does Veer. She sees the photo where Veer and Sanchi are close and thinks that Satya and Sanchi may not keep quiet. Whether Rathore has given them shelter? she tells to herself it may not be so. She again tells to herself, 'forget all and sleep Tapasya Sleep.'

Ichchha sends messages telling that its an order day and he has to follow all the orders. As per the last message he has to come to Silver Arch Hotel Room No.302 to meet a surprise visitor. Satya comes to know of this and when Veer comes to the hotel he sends a chit through a bearer and lures him to Room No.512.

Uttaran-Serial-613 - 25th May 2011

Ichchha is welcome grandly to Bundela's house. Tapasya herself prepares Halwa that are most liked by Ichchha. Damini feels that whatever is happening is not good, she doubts Tapasya's action could lead to something unfavourable to Ichchha. On the other side Ichchha is too happy that Tapasya now is her old friend Tapasya, she has changed! She prays God that this friendship lasts longer.

Damini comes to the room and Ichchha talks full praise of Tapasya and tells that now they both are friends as before. Damini looks a thoughtful look staring towards Ichchha. She tells if everything is as Ichchha is telling then she will be glad. But Tapaysa had always given trouble to Ichchha.

Ichchha tries back to convince her mother that Tapasya has changed for good.

Uttaran-Serial-612 - 24th May 2011

Tapasya telephones to hospital and asks about the well-being of Ichchha. Veer tells her thanks and she once again swims in love and Veer's voice sings sweet on her ears. With that thought she goes to bed to sleep.

At hospital Ichchha wears the ornaments that had been removed for treatment and finally Veer puts the Sindhoor on her forehead. Mai comes there and asks sorry to her and tells that her Sindhoor had saved Veer.

Uttaran-Serial-611 - 23rd May 2011

Divya who comes to hospital embraces Tapasya and tells her that she might not have eaten and could be weak so they shall go home. When Tapasya tells that she will stay back to look after Ichchha Damini says, that Veer is there to look after Ichchha they all shall go home and she also is coming along with them to house.

Here all the 4 people think in 4 different ways...

1. Damini knows about Tapasya and still does not believe with the good intentions of Tapasya who could do anything

2. Jogi thinks that Damini is telling so out of the love and care she has over Tapasya.

3. Divya thinks the Damini is trying to keep Tapasya away from Veer.

4. Tapasya thinks all the three about said and droplets of water accumulates in her eyes.

When Damini tells with great heart seeing towards the room where Ichchha is that she will say goodbye to Veer and they shall go home. Divya stops her and tells her Tapasya will tell Veer and they shall go home. Tapasya could see into the heart of Damini what she is thinking and her longing to see Ichchha so, she does the right thing, she tells they all shall go, see Ichchha and then take leave from Veer.

Back at home when Nani still sings Tapasya's praise and condemn's Ichchha Mai for the first time tells Nani, that she has failed to understand Ichchha and leaves the place telling symbolically that no more she will listen to Nani.

Back at hospital...

Tapasya, Damini and Divya come to take leave with Veer.

Veer tells sorry to Damini.

Damini tells him, that Ichchha is his wife and until he is there she has no worry. Here she stresses the point before Tapasya that Veer is the husband of Ichchha, this effect is felt both by Divya and Tapasya and both understand it.

The reactions is Divya draws attention of Veer and tells him that she will take Tapasya to home, she is pregnant and is tired. She thus insists that he is the father of the child Tapasya bears.

Tapasya watches silently...and when Veer tells, "thanks Tapasya, thanks for everything" her heart sinks, she is unable to speak, and accepts the word thanks with melting heart. She wants to tell 'its alright Veer' but her heart becomes heavy with love on Veer when he says thanks to her and so could not speak out. Great feeling exhibited here by the Tapasya.

At Bundela's house police do a search and find the photo seeing which Mai, Umed Singh and Dadaji urf Baldev Singh get shocked. It is Ahalya's photo, Sathu's mother i.e., Satya. They then understand that they have come for taking revenge. Police praise Ichchha and leave the place. Daddaji tells sorry to Jogi Thakur.

At hospital Ichchha wakes up with a melodious background music, sees Veer and smiles. He asks her where from she has got this braveness and love. Veer tells her that everybody are waiting to welcome her at Bundela's family.

Rathore visits the hide-out place of Satya and Sanchi and warns them that police are on the look-out for them. He tells them to leave the place. He also tells them that he is doing this not as their friend and he is not their friend. As he leaves Satya once again vows that nothing is over and he will take revenge on Veer and this time neither Ichchha nor Tapasya can save him.


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