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Thendral Serial - 23-5-11 to 27-5-11

Thamizh character is being shown as a helping nature one but also a foolish one in that. There is no comedy in his foolishness and all is foolishness is just plain and just comes by. There has been voluminous of foolish acts where he has gained enemity everywhere. One of his friend knowingly is putting Thamizh into more trouble by helping to get loans at high rate of interest.

There is Anand character which is a mixture of comedy and villain type.

Padma decides to marry her daughter to a man who looks older but is rich.

Nitish father asks him if he had borrowed Rs.4/- lakhs from Kishore. Kishore tells that he had borrowed the money to give it to a friend who is starting a business and he will return it. At his room Lavanya tells that the money is with her mother and she will bring it from her.

Shyamala's brother comes to the house of Padma and asks about Tulasi and as usual she fixes her telling all kinds of bad about her. Shyamala's brother roars with anger and takes a photo of Tulasi and goes after her.

Thamizh overhears his mother and Lavanya talking where they reveal that Nitish had indeed tried to help Tamizh by giving Rs.4/- lakhs. He thus comes to know that Tulasi and her friend Deepa were right and its his mother who had lied.

Thendral - Serial - 27th May 2011

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Thendral - Serial - 23rd May 2011


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