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Maharani - Serial - 386 to 390 - 30-5-11 to 3-6-11

Rani tells Sujatha that if she comes to know that Mumtaz is cheating her she will kill her in the same way she should kill Maha.

At the hotel room Mumtaaz informs Prakash that the meeting with Highway company has been postponed. She asks permission with Prakash to go shopping. She goes out and meets Topiaz. Topiaz gives her a gun and a poison bottle and tells her to finish off Prakash. He also tells her if she fails she should never see him and die herself.

Anand and Maha too come to the hotel to meet the Highway Company group to discuss about the contract. Rani too comes to the hotel and books a room.

When Prakash is about the drink the poisoned juice the door suddenly opens and his glass falls down. Police enters the room in search of a goonda they do not find him there but outside he is caught. Mumtaz and Prakash see him and come to know that he is Topiaz goonda associate.

Mumtaz meets Rani who is in the adjacent room and tells her that Prakash's life is in danger.

Rani telephones to police informing them that a room has been booked by somebody in order to indulge in immoral acts. Anand comes to know this and enters the room of Rani and locks himself in and tells her let the police come in and arrest them. Rani gets scared. Anand then leaves the room.

Rani overhears Mumtaz speaking to somebody and telling that she will finish off Prakash today but is unable to do anything.

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Maharani-Serial-386 - 30-5-11


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