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Thendral Serial - 30-5-11 to 3-6-11

Thamizh joins Dharma's office and receives an advance amount of Rs.5000/-. Thamizh believes that Dharma is doing a great social service.

Padma shows the Groom's photo to her son and he gets shocked seeing it. He is the same person who had come asking for drugs to him. He tells his mother that he is not a good guy for marrying his sister.

There are too much of mistakes that's being committed by Tamizh not only he has taken money on high rate of interest but is showing anger on the lender. His friend who has been the middle man in the transactions now has to suffer. He too had been a fool in arranging a loan from a person who charges high rate of interest. The financer has rightly threatened Thamiz's friend that if money is not returned he has to face the problem and consequences.

Mohan goes to meet the drug addict his customer whose alliance is fixed with Pavithra. He tells him not to marry his sister, but is beaten and chased. Mohan escapes in the auto of Kalyani. He tells how has been spoiled by Vishwa the drug seller. Kalyani advises him to fall in his father's feet and tell all that has happened. Mohan agrees.

The rowdy who had half murdered Thamizh waits for Tulasi to throw acid on her but fortunately he gets into trouble with the college boys there who beat him up before he escapes.

Mohan tells all that had happened to his father and asks sorry to him. His father encourages him that now his life would be bright. He tells to take money from his mother and give it to Vishwa to settle his debt.

Mohan and his father give the money back to Viswa and tell him that henceforth not to keep links with Mohan. Viswa who is desparate to send drugs to Chennai chooses to send it through the car in which Anand travels.

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