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Nadaswaram Serial - 273 to 278 - 12-5-11 to 19-5-11

Maha refuses to eat food but when Pandi comes there and feeds her she takes food.

Rohini tells that she wants to read and wants to go to foreign while her brother refuses her to send her to foreign since she may bring more trouble do to her behaviors. He tells to marry her off. Rohini refuses for any marriage. Her father tells her emotionally that he wants to die becoming a grandfather.

Maha doctor tells her parents that it will take time for Maha to recover. He tells no one can tell when she will recover and that they have to wait patiently until she recovers. The doctor tells appreciation of Pandi to them and how he told him that he will wait until she recovers.

The day is of Kamu's birthday and all the family wishes her. Gopi tells on this auspicious day they have to go to temple and asks her to accompany him.

Murthy through Gopi had asked him to bring his wife Kamu to temple. Gopi takes her to temple but when she sees Murthy she refuses to talk to him and take the saree which Murthy had brought as a gift for her birthday. Kamu tells until her uncle Murthy's father accepts her as his daughter-in-law she will not talk or take any gift from him. She does not want him to mistake her knowing that they are meeting secretly and get unhappy. She tells whatever her uncle tells she is going to abide it.

Murthy begs Kamu to take the saree and Kamu refuses it and as they move out of the temple they see Murthy's mother standing there staring at them angrily.

Back at home Murthy's mother complains her husband on Kamu but those words fall as positive feedback and brings more good to Kamu and he starts loving her. And when Kamu comes there and falls on his feet seeking blessing on her birthday he is really moved and blesses her. He wants her to come back to live in his house but his wife is adamnt and is against her. Kamu tells her mother-in-law and goes out telling until she calls her back she will not return.

Maha parents decide to give her a unique treatment to cure her mental illness i.e., putting red hot iron on her body.

Pandi along with his father comes there and puts an end to this kind of things and lastly it is decided by Pandi's father that henceforth leaving Maha in her parents hand is not good for her and tells Pandi to bring her to his house. After initial protests Maha's parents agree since it was Pandi who had saved her when she tried to drown in the well.

Gopi plays Nadaswaram in a 60th year marriage party which is melodious to the gathering who have assembled there including Malar and they applause and welcome it. A dikshit immediately gives an advance of Rs.50,000/- and asks him to perform in his temple.

Nadaswaram-Serial-278-19th May 11

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