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Athipookal-948 to 950 30-8-11 to 2-9-11

Episode-950 2nd September 2011


The mustache police nears Panjali in the ICU unit to kill Panjali, he takes his baton near her neck when hears someone coming and gets back. A nurse enters the room and tells him he should not come inside and if anything is needed he should call them.

The blacksheep waits for another opportunity when the regular police who stood for security returns back and informs that the inspector is on his way back. He thinks that his plan now cannot work and goes back and informs about his failure to Saroja.

At Padma marbles all the staffs surround the old lady who is weeping and describing how she was pushed over and Bhanu was kidnapped. Karpagam returns back with Bhanu to the happiness of the staff and they decide to give her a work in the marble office itself.

Karpagam goes to the hospital and tells the inspector that kidnapping Bhanu by her uncle could be the handi-work of Saroja in order to divert the attention from Panjali. The inspector does not catch the point and does not doubt about his security arrangements.

The doctor informs the inspector that Panjali is fully alright to give her statement. Karpagam and the Inspector go to question Panjali. The inspector asks her to recall whether she was pushed by someone or she fell herself. Panjali tells that she can't remember anything. Inspector tries to convince her that the people whom she tried to help have now gone against her and so she should now tell the truth without any fear. Karpagam asks her what wrong she had done to her for her to not tell the truth.

Episode-949 31th August 2011

Saroja again telephones Bhanu's uncle and tells him to shift Bhanu from the present place since anytime Karpagam will come there with police.

He tries to shift when Bhanu locks herself inside the room and does not come out. Bhanu's uncle breaks open the door and drags her out.

The inspector along with Karpagam arrives there at the right time when he was taking Bhanu to shift her to some other place.

Saroja informs the corrupt cop to go to hospital and kill Panjali. The cop proceeds to the hospital and he finds his colleague there. He complains that the inspector had asked him not to move an inch from that place till he comes. He is not even able to have a coffee.

The corrupt cop finds an opportunity here and asks him to go and have coffee. He will take care until he comes. The appointed cop goes to have a coffee and corrupt cop gets inside the ICU unit.

Episode-948 30th August 2011

Saroja phones to Bhanu's uncle and tells him that Bhanu is hiding in Karpagam house, she gives him the location of the place.

Bhanu's uncle comes there along with his goonda elements and kidnaps Bhanu. Only the old lady is in the house when they kidnap Bhanu, the old lady shouts and then going to office informs Karpagam.

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