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Athipookal-951 to 953 5-9-11 to 7-9-11

Episode-953 7th September 2011

Manga asks the Siddar to give something like a viboothi or Kumkum. Siddar takes out a lemon prays to God and gives it to Manga with instructions to give it to Panjali and ask her to keep near or under the pillow. If that is done then Panjali would never have any fear and will be bold.

Manga and Dakshina come to Karpagam's house, Karpagam is getting ready to go to hospital hence Manga gives the lemon to Karpagam and tells her that this lemon has been given by the Siddar. Manga tells her what Siddar had told her. Karpagam receives the lemon and Viboothi, she keeps that upon a table. Then they talk about the daily incidents that are happening. Karpagam then tells them that she is going to hospital, Manga and Dakshina too decide to go along with her. All the three go the hospital.

At the hospital Rathinam the henchmen of Saroja is waiting for an opportunity to strike, he finds a wardman who happens to have closed his mouth with green hospital cloth and wearing hospital white dress. He brings that person down to unconsciousness and takes his form. As he comes out he sees Karpagam, Manga and Dakshina going to the ICU room of Panjali.

Inside the ICU room Manga gets into conversation with Panjali and tells her that she had been to temple and has brought a lemon given by Siddar which will give her strength and braveness. She asks Karpagam to give it. Karpagam opens her handbag and searches for it and then remembers leaving that at the house itself. Karpagam broods over it and Dakshina tells them that he will bring it. He tells Karpagam and Manga that he feels something uneasy and tells them to stay with Panjali until he returns. Rathinam sees Dakshina going out.

which when given to Panjali and if that is kept under the pillow Panjali would not get any trouble.

Episode-952 6th September 2011

The inspector tightens the security for Panjali and tells her that he is bringing in the Magistrate to take statements from her.

Saroja's hencemen comes there in an auto disguised. He brings some fruits and enters the hospital. He sees the inspector questioning everyone whoever passes by as he seems to come towards him to escape from him he enters on of the ward room. He finds some old lady there and enquires their health. They ask him who he is. He tells some name and then tells them searching his friend's mother he has arrived in this room lastly. He tells them to take the fruit since he could not find his friend's mother. Thus he makes friendship with them which room is adjacent to Panjali's room. He waits for an opportunity from her to strike on Panjali.

Manga and Dakshina go to a temple and pray the God. They book for Anna Dhanam and meet the Siddhar. They ask him some question and blessings.

Episode-951 5th September 2011

Karpagam's positive talks get a telling effect on Panjali. Karpagam tells that because of her lies Manohar has gone to jail and his wife had divorced him. She is now alive because the divine fire which engulfed her is giving her a chance to tell the truth. If she does not speak the truth now that itself will take her life. Her truth now will help the good people and the bad people will go to jail.

Panjali realises her mistakes and accords her willingness to tell the truth. The inspector now gets into action he tells that recording a statement now by himself would be of no use. Saroja might argue that Panjali was tortured forced to tell a lie or the voice itself is not Panjali's. Hence the inpector decides to bring the magistrate to the hospital and get the statement from Panjali.

Karpagam goes to her office and tells this to Shekar and Krishnasamy, Shekar after hearing this tells to Karpagam that he will tell this news to Padma.

The mustache constable passes on this information to Saroja. Saroja jumps with anger, she tells his associate that within 12 hours time Panjali has to be murdered.

Karpagam and Krishaswamy meet Manohar in the jail and they tell him that the day for his release is very near.


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