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Athipookal-954 to 956 8-9-11 to 12-9-11

Episode-956 12th September 2011

Shekar returns to his house and tells to his parents that before giving her statement Panjali was killed by Saroja's henchmen. He tells now Karpagam and Manga are more anger and have started to fight out. He too will fight and see that Saroja is caught and thereby it is get Known that Anjali is behind all this. He tells that he is ready to give his life for the cause.

As the inspector returns to his station, Saroja sends him a parcel. Inspector opens the parcel and finds a saree in it and immediately gets fired up with anger. Saroja call him up and challenges him. He tells his policemen to trace the call. Saroja asks the inspector whether he is trying to trace where from she his calling and tells him the place where she is standing. Then she cuts the call and tells her associate to remove the Sim.

Krishnamurthy meet Manohar at the Jail and informs him the murder of Panjali.

Episode-955 9th September 2011

Rathinam laughs and tells Saroja why she need to die when Pajali died 30 minutes before. Saroja gets extremely happy and so are her gangmen. She telephones to Karpagam but the call is attended by Dakshina her brother. They both exchange hot words. Dakshina at last tells her to see her path and he with others would see his path. Manga snatches the mobile from Dakshina and scolds her and tells her that the spirit of Panjali will not leave her. She died getting reformed. Manga tells her that now she will be caught along with her gang. Manga then cuts the call.

Manga tells Karpagam that they will fight and the truth will win in the end.
She tells that she is ready to give her life.

Karpagam who had almost given up the fight tells that she has got boost by her words and she will fight and catch all the rouges.

Shekar goes to his house and tells his waiting parents that Panjali did not give her statements to the magistrate since she is dead.

Episode-954 8th September 2011

Dakshina goes home to bring the lemon that Siddar had given to them. He cautions Karpagam and Manga to be alert and be at the side of Panjali. As Dakshina goes out the lady doctor comes to check-up Panjali, she finds Karpagam and Manga inside the room and chases them out telling that Magistrate is on his way.

Not knowing the danger lurking they come outside the ward room and stand in front of the door. A little later the police asks Karpagam and Manga to go and wait in the hall since the Magistrate is coming.

And as Karpagam and Manga go away Rathinam sees his opportunity and enters the room. Panjali recognises him to be Rathinam. She could not shout much and he gives the poisonous injection to her. He escapes in that ward boy disguise.

As Rathinam goes out the Magistrate gets down from his car and enters the ward room. The doctor calls Panjali and sees her not reacting, she checks her and finds dead.

A nurse comes running and tells that a warden is tied up and is lying on the ground. They rush and see him. He tells them that a man with black glasses gave him chloroform and made him unconscious. The magistrate abuses the inspector and shoots out.

Rathinam enters the Saroja's den with his head down. Saroja pesters him to tell what happened but he keeps his head down. So Saroja gets convinced that he had failed in his efforts to kill Panjali and Panjali had given the statement against her. She tells her associates to escape and asks shouts that she had to die before police catches her, she asks Rathinam to kill her with the injection that he has. After a long suspenseful moments Rathinam starts laughing triumphantly.


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