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Nadaswaram-Serial-361 to 365 15-9-11 to 21-9-11

Nadaswaram-Serial-365 21st September 2011

Nadaswaram-Serial-364 20th September 2011

Nadaswaram-Serial-363 19th September 2011

Nadaswaram-Serial-362 16th September 2011

Gopi's father goes to invite Maha and her parents for the betrothal of Gopi with Vanitha and paramu with Nelli Andavars youngest son but they shut the door on their face.

Malar receives a divorce notice from Gokul which she signs and takes it. Malars father gets upset on this and tells his son to bring in the Auditor to write all the properties upon the three. Malar's brother then tries to change Malar's decisions.

Nadaswaram-Serial-361 15th September 2011

Nelli Andar comes with his wife to Gopi's house and fixes a date for betrothal ceremony to marry Gopi with Vanitha.

Gopi or his father are unable to tell anything. Nelli Andavar also talks about the marriage of Paramu with his younger son and fixes that too.

Pandi meets his friend who had bad advised him and beat Gopi. He gives drinks and as he drinks he starts beating him up.

Vanitha calls up Gopi and starts talking with him and tells him that she will be often calling him up to get know his daily activities, his likes and dislikes.

Murthy who comes to know that Paramu is being talked to marry his brother feels bad about it and tells to his wife that he will be happy if this marriage does not take place.


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