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Athipookal-965 to 970 23-9-11 to 30-9-11

Episode-970 30th September 2011

Episode-969 29th September 2011

Episode-968 28th September 2011

Episode-967 27th September 2011

Episode-966 26th September 2011


Episode-965 23rd September 2011

ACP keeps the gun on Gangamma's forehead and asks her where saroja is hiding. ACP further tells her that there is no record of her arrest and if she kills her no one will know about it. Gangamma catches hold of ACP's leg and tells her that she had been taken to the place of her hiding by tying her eyes blind and so she does not know the place of her hiding. ACP tells her that she will be kept for 3 more days for questioning.

The constable who works against his own colleagues calls up Saroja and informs her the arrest of Gangamma. Saroja gets more fright. Her associates too get fright and one of them tells her that they cannot hide in this way leaving their many pending works back at home.

ACP meets Manohar and enquires him how he got the telephone number and the contact of Saroja. ACP tells him that she knows he is innocent and has not kidnapped any child. If he does not tell about Saroja where he had met then he would be committing a crime which is worst than kidnapping. Saroja has killed Panjali and had poisoned Manga and she will do more criminal activities, she should be caught.

Manohar accepts to tell the truth and tells that in her own department there are black sheeps. He tells one day he was in frustration not knowing how to save Manga when he overheard a constable speaking with Saroja through his mobile.

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