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Uttaran-703 Written Update 29th September 2011

Uttaran-703 29th September 2011

Damini walks before Ganesha idol and questions why did he do like that, again He had put her daughter into all types of troubles. But this incident is worst of all, he should not have done this to her who had looked after other children as her own child.

Pushkar is with the child and goes towards the dust bin that he finds on the road side. With background Sanskrit mantra being recited he takes his hand to place the child on the heap of the dust bin when some passers by come and stand right there talking something to themselves. Pushkar hides behind the dust bin holding the child in his hand and then runs away from there with the child.

It is now the turn of Veer to be in his saddest moments. Damini comes to him wiping out her tears, Veer tells her that he had thought that she had left with Mai and Dadaji. Damini tells him that she does not know what to tell to Ichcha, she adds that Ichcha had kept her health good but this has happened somehow. There is no fault on her part and because of this he or his family should not chase her out. Ichcha will not be able to bear that.

Veer consoles her and asks her, why she is thinking so, tells her that the child was both of theirs and they both had lost the child and there is no fault on Ichcha. He asks her to keep faith in him that when he is there no one can tell anything to Ichcha. And there is Khaana and Mukta too they will give strength to them they are part of his family. He now is more worried on Ichcha who may go to depression thinking this loss. Veer tells her that this is his testing time, that God give him strength to face Ichcha to console her. He tells Damini not to worry and they both will take care of Ichcha. Veer embraces Damini showing son-in-law’s love on her and Damini wipes his tears.

Gunavanthi, Chanda and Dadaji are returning back in their car towards their house when Gunavanthi asks the driver to stop the car. She asks the sweets to be thrown out. Chanda takes the sweet and goes out.

Nani is walking with tension and tells to herself, why this Pushkar is not lifting the phone. Rohini tries to telephone him when she snatches the phone from her. Puskar walks with the child and keeps it near the side of a tree and tells, “Veer Singh Bundela’s son, my enemy Damini’s grandson, you had the luck to sleep in gold cradle but my mother came in between you. Now your luck is to be in this footpath.”

At this time Chanda and Kaka are coming towards him carrying the sweet boxes. They pass him by, neither of them see each others. Pushkar is about to leave when he sees the car and Dadaji seated inside it. He asks himself what these people are doing here, this baby is having some luck and if this people see him then his fate his written on the wall. He then suddenly sees Kakaa and Chanda coming back and covers his face and as they go by he lifts the child and is about to go when Dadaji calls him and tells him that he is a lucky man who has his child, but he has lost his child, he takes out a gold chain and gives the chain to Pushkar as a present to the child and tells that this chain is now of no use since he lost his child. Dadaji fails to see Pushkar’s face when the matter could have gone different if he had seen.

Pushkar still covering his face with the shawl receives the gold chain and as Dadaji moves away he tells to himself ‘got saved, this child has something special, Pushkar do something put the child in some place.’


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