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Athipookal-971 Written Update 3rd October 2011

Episode-971 3rd October 2011

Karpagam's child comes running towards her calling her 'Amma,' Karpagam lifts the child and pours love on it kissing it. ACP Ragini who had also come to the Mall watches the child running towards Karpagam calling her 'Amma' and Karpagam lifting and pouring the love on the child.

ACP comes near her and asks her if the child is her's. Karpagam tells her that it is Manohar's child. She further tells her that the child could have come with Padma and she might be searching for the child. ACP takes leave and Karpagam goes in search of Padma to handover the child.

Padma after talking with her friend goes in search of the child running all over the Mall. She finds the child in the hands of Karpagam and snatches it from her. She slaps her and asks her if she will not leave her happily. She asks her if she had followed her to kidnap the child. Karpagam stands there weeping not saying anything when ACP who sees her slapping comes near her.

ACP tells Padma that it is the child who ran to Padma calling her "Amma" and she had come to handover it to her. Why she is mistaking and behaving like this. Padma then scolds the child and they both leave the place. ACP thinks that there is something between the three of them.

Padma enters her house with anger and starts beating her child asking him why he went to Karpagam. Shekar and his parents who see this are unable to do anything and do not know the reason why she is behaving like this. Maha comes there and lifts the child protecting it from being beaten. Maha asks her why she is angry with the child when Padma tells her that Karpagam had come to the Mall and had tried to kidnap the child. She tells that henceforth a security has to be put to watch the child. Maha acknowledges it. Shekar scolds Maha and tells them that Karpagam would never do such a thing like kidnapping. He tells her that he will enquire this with Karpagam and goes to meet her.

At Karpagam's house Shekar tells Karpagam that Padma was beating the child. Karpagam feels sad and tells that because of being born to her the child has to suffer like this.

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