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Athipookal-972-973 4-10-11 - 5-10-11

Episode-973 5th October 2011

The Mustache constable goes and meets Saroja and Saroja asks him the whereabouts of Gangamma. They ask him what type of enquiry is being made. The constable tells Saroja that he does not know the place where the ACP has hidden Gangamma.

Saroja gives some money and sends him off.

Episode-972 4th October 2011

Karpagam stops shekar accusing Padma she tells that Padam is a very good lady. The child is Padma's and hence when she slapped me she did a right thing. Shekar asks her then why she became very tension when he told that Padma beat the child Shiva. Finally he tells her Padma is never going to understand her and leaves.

Saroja is in high tension and tells her associates that she has to change this place. Maybe Gangamma will tell the ACP route to this hide-out. Rathnam interferes and tells her that Gangamma was brought here with her eyes blindfolded hence she will not be able to reveal the route of this place. Saroja tells him that she want to know where Gangamma is hidden and what she has told the ACP Ragini. Rathinam tells her to telephone to the PC. Saroja reminds him that they have decided not to have any contacts through phone. Then they decide to bring in the PC to there hide-out. Two people set out to bring in the PC.

Inspector Sudhakar gives a cover to the Mustache police constable and asks him to hand over the cover to the commissioner. He tells him that there is an important matter inside the cover. The PC takes his bicycle and as he goes he is followed by another PC in his motorcycle. The mustache PC is stopped by Saroja's men and asks him to accompany them since Saroja wants to see him. The constable who followed him secretly hides behind a car and listens what they are talking.

The mustache PC tells them that he cannot accompany them and that he has an important work to do. He has to handover a cover to the commissioner. He tells them if they want to they should wait for him and after giving the cover he will return and accompany them. Saroja men then allow him to go.

Another PC who was watching this informs ACP that Saroja's men had way laid the contable and had asked him to accompany them, but he has told them that he would accompany them on his return from commissioner's office. ACP tells him to follow him if he goes with them and find out their hide-out. ACP calls up Inspector Sudhakar and asks him to come to her office.

Right at that the Mustache PC comes to the office of ACP and tells her that Saroja men had waylaid him and are asking him to accompany them. If the gang men are caught they would tell her hide-outs.

ACP appreciates him for his duty consciousness. Inspector Sudhakar comes to the ACP's office and finding the PC there asks him what he is doing there instead of going to commissioner's office. ACP tells him that he has reformed and has come to tell that Saroja's men are asking him to accompany him.

ACP then tells the PC that he had been watched and followed and his phone had been tapped and now he has come out truthful. ACP tells them if the gang men are arrested Saroja will get alerted so a way as to be planned to catch her.

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