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Uttaran-701 to 710 Written Updates - 2011


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Uttaran-701 27th September 2011

The nurse comes running and tells that the child has failed breathing. Doctor checksup and then informs that the child is dead. The nurse then gives the child to Nani who takes it and gives money as bribe to the nurse.

Tapasya tries to keep happy Rathore.


Uttaran-702 28th September 2011

Nani is caught taking the ichcha's child out of the hospital she bribes him and escapes. Tapasya makes varieties of dishes to make Rathore happy. Rathore tries to make Tapasya happy and so they both try to keep each other happy when inside they both lead a sad life.

Gunavanti does not believe that the child could be dead but her cries for re-check-up ends on deaf ears.

Nani takes the child to dispose off and in that act she takes the help of Pushkar. She gives the child to him telling him to dispose off in such a way that it never gets food.

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Uttaran-703 29th September 2011

Damini is pleading with God why He is giving so much sufferings to Ichcha.

Pushkar goes to dispose off Ichcha's child in a dustbin, he hides seeing some passersby.

Both Damini and Veer console each other and are worried about Ichcha.

Pushkar keeps the child under a tree and as he goes he sees Dadaji's car, he also sees Chanda and Kaka, so he tries to sneak out from there when from behind Dadaji comes towards him and gives him a gold chain as a present to the child and goes of without seeing Pushkar's frightened face.

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Uttaran-704 30th September 2011

Pushkar is still trying to dispose off the child when he finds a police van and so runs away from that place. Rathore and Tapasya are in their car happily spending their night. Jogi calls up and Rathore assures him that he will take care of Tapasya.

Ichcha is sad on the loss of her child and she bursts out crying when Veer takes her on his shoulders.


Uttaran-705 3rd October 2011

Pushkar still is moving around a good place to dispose of the child and comes to the place where once Tapasya had left her child. Has fate have it Tapasya is seen there right now telling Rathore that it is this place that she had left her child.

Pushkar seeing a cradle comes to keep the child there and finds Tapasya talking with Rathore and tries to run off when the child for the first time cries. Rathore calls him up to stop and both Tapasya and Rathore run and find Pushkar with the child. They ask whose child it is, but Pushkar tells that he found this on the road, somebody had left it.

Rathore gets fond of the child and tells that Daija's words has come true. He tells a child is a child and they get love on it when we see it with love.

Pushkar comes back to his house and tells that he has finished disposing off Ichcha's child.

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Uttaran-706 4th October 2011

Jogi Thakur is about to visit the hospital to see Ichcha's child and calls up Damini and gets to know that the child is dead. He becomes sad when Nani and Pushkar look on.

Rathore and Tapasya are happy with the child and Rathore feeds milk to the child.

Rathore shows a list of things that they should have for the child. He tells her that he has prepared the list after seeing 16 websites. He reads out the things a baby needs...

Mattress beds, water proof enamel, crip sheets, blankets, diapers, baby wipe, changing beds, diaper bag, diaper icecream, baby clothes, bath tub, baby lotion, baby oil, baby comb, nail clippers, baby towel, baby laundry detergent, milk bottles, steriliser, bottle brush, bottle warmer, versifiers, bicycle. Tapasya snatches the list from his hand with small shock, when she hears him reading bicycle, she hits him on his head, fool, 'your Junior Rathore is so small it cannot ride a bicycle.

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Uttaran-707 5th October 2011

Nani comes to know that Ichcha's child is now in the hands of Rathore and Tapasya and they have become very fond of the child.

At Veer's house Gunavanthi is very angry on Khaana and Mukhta she tells Veer to chase them out of the house. She tells it is because of them that Ichcha's child died.


Uttaran-708 6th October 2011

Pushkar tries to escape from Nani catching a train but catches with him up, slaps him and stops him going.

Gunavanthi insists on the children going out of the house, Veer tells that the four of them will leave the house. Dadaji interferes and tells that these things happens and so no one should go out of the house.

Tapasya tells to her mother Divya that they have adopted a son.

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Uttaran-709 7th October 2011

Tapasya looks after well Ichcha's baby cleaning her up and Nani is frustrated seeing her working on Ichcha's child.

Ichcha and Veer decide to forgo having a child of their own and adopt Khaana and Mukta as their children and to live only with them.

Ichcha tells about their decision to Gunavanthi who hears that with shock.

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Uttaran-710 10th October 2011

Gunavanthi is not acceptable to Ichcha's decision of not bearing a child. Veer comes there and tells her that it was he who has take the decision not to have a baby.

Gunavanthi is on the angry mood over Ichcha on their this decision to not have a child. She asks the servants too not to help out Ichcha and that she do every work herself.

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