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Some tips to become a writer

Develop Habits to write

Writers who want to become successfull in Writing should inculcate writing habits in their daily life. The daily chores and circumstances in your personal life may make it either easy or hard to find writing time, but you have to set aside some time for writing everyday. You should make it a habit. Just like brushing your teeth. .

Some time has to be set aside every day when you can work undisturbed for an hour or two--first thing in the morning or during lunch or after dinner. If it is the same time of the day then that will become habit. The others in your family will get used to your habits and may even remind you for writing.

Keep your writing equipments like paper, pens, pencils, pads, etc in your writing place, close at hand. Avoid distractions.

When you are engaged in household works use the time to review what you've done so far and to consider where your writing should go next. This is the time when you have to think about the characters that you put into your story writing, what the hero or heroine should do next. What tactic the villian adopts and how it is breaked by the hero etc.

Do not ask the opinions of others. Be the judge yourself. Edit your stories yourself.

If you do have a computer and internet connection then download free story editor or story writer softwares and you will get more ideas.

You will get ideas of how to develop the stages in your storywriting. How many number of main characters you need and how many supportive characters are needed to bring in the requisite story links.

Empty praising or criticism may lower your ability of writing the story, its format.

Keep track of your progress. Use Word processors with word-count functions to know the words that you have written in a single day. The log can give you a sense of accomplishment, especially on big projects, and can enable you to set realistic completion deadlines. For example, if you know you can write 500 words in an hour, and you write three hours a week, you can have a completed novel manuscript of 75,000 words in 50 weeks. If you write ten hours a week, the manuscript will be complete in 15 weeks.

Compile a ``project bible.'' This is a list of facts, names, and so on that you expect to be using for constant reference. If you have some important research findings you plan to use, put them in the bible along with their sources. Include lists of characters' names (with descriptions, so their eyes don't change color), unusual words or spellings, etc. The best format for this bible may be a looseleaf binder you can carry with you.

These are general habits that will help you at all stages of the novel-writing process. But you may also find that you need to understand those stages and adapt your habits to each of them. You may not do yourself any good if you plunge into the writing phase before you've worked out a decent outline.


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