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War Front

2nd May 2009

Hoping that the International Community will come to their help Prabhakaran fought a defensive battle and now he is forced to continue that defense battle.

LTTE Prabhakaran was having full confident in his cadres fighting abilities and military strength to take on Srilankan army.

Prabhakaran knew that he could easily defeat Srilankan army. When things stood thus all of a sudden Srilankan army with the help of Indian army started using chemical weapons and poisonous gas. This sudden change was not expected and Prabhakaran lost many of his leading war cadres to the poisonous chemical gas attack. It was from here Prabhakaran started seeing the reversal in his fortunes.

Now having let down by the whole of International community to fight for himself there is danger of some 1,25,000 people dying by shells and starvation.

Though there is heavy fighting going on near the war zone between LTTE cadres and Srilankan military the chances of the use of chemical weapons by the Srilankan army is uppermost. This could wipe out most of the survivors as said above.

Thus the war has been won by Srilankan army not showing braveness but by using the internationally banned chemical weapons.

By this the International community can understand one thing. All the laws are only for the weaker societies but the leaders need not follow the International laws. Thus all genocides in whatever form is welcomed by the United Nations. All that the countries should do is to do it secretly. If you are rich and have political power then you can do anything anywhere in the world. Kill anyone but do it secretly. The powers will enter into talks with terrorist organisation if the terrorist organisation become strong. Pakistan had talks with Taliban because it grew strong. Now there is a tacit understanding between Taliban and Pakistan. If there is international pressure, Pakistan will attack Taliban killing some few civilians. A day will come when other countries like England and America will have talks with Taliban.

Srilankan military at the receiving end.

When there are news that Indian Military is involved in the fight and that some 200 Indian soldiers dead body has been brought to Pune. These news are confined to some tamil website and its authentication cannot be verified.

The other news is that Srilankan frontline commanders have left the warzone and have taken a back seat. Discouraged by this many Srilankan soldiers are running away from the battlefield. The occupied territories are being vacated now and then.

There is possibility that both LTTE and Srilankan military personnals getting into a tacit understanding against the wishes of Rajapakshe. There could be a undeclared ceasefire.

There is also the possibility of an all out war on tamilians before April 24, expecting this LTTE may counter it and we could see heavy casualities on the Srilankan military side.

After this we could see some silence for a long time to come.

The international forum has a duty to provide food, shelter and medicines to the sufferers there.

Indian Government is only helping Srilankan military personnels with food and medicines

Indian Military getting involved in War

When there is a hue cry all over the World from Tamilians against the genocides in Srilanka over the killing of Srilankan innocent tamils. In apt disregard to these cries the Indian Government shamelesslly has taken the war front to do the same thing which till now the Srilankan military was doing.

Indian military men are now engaged in war against LTTE and innocent civilians. One Regiment is making inroads in Manalaru forest and another is marching towards Pudhukudiyiruppu. For the first time they are using artilleries which could travel 60 Kms range and could strike the targets without fail. These artillery has the capacity to destroy 5 Kms range of territory. No life could escape death facing this artillery.

LTTE has the capability to turn the disadvantage to their own advantage. It is now certain that not only these Indian soldiers will be killed but there will be vast deaths of Srilankan army The war actually has now turned to a new twist.

We could now see all round condemnation against India all over the world and the Indian Government mask is cleary now lifted showing its true color of how it glorifies war on innocent peoples. This would be enough to brand the present Indian Government has a rogue country too. The credit for this will go to Congress Government. Now It is badly needed that a new Government under different head takes over to bring back the Indian image to good. Lest this Government is attracting hatred and anger which would swallow the country and bring it to untold miseries. Just like man who leads is life in anger and thereby attracts his downfall so does a country which leads its governing with anger and hatred will attract its downfall.


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