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Thendral-Serial-15-11-10 to 1-12-10

I have been telling that Maharani Serial is the No.1 Tamil serial that is shown in Vijay TV, but equally good now is Thendral shown in Sun TV, very soon this serial is going to be the hot serial in each and every house. This will become the No.1 serial.

I like you to see Part-3 serial on 11th Nov 2010 for the song which has been put there on the right track at the right timing. That was superb direction. The lady singer scores high for the melody.

The song is as below...don't miss this.

Vanakkam kadalane, vazkai koduthavane, pudhu malai vandha velai, idaivelai kodukalamma..karum koondal mugam parthu veesum podu kalangalamma.

I like the director to concentrate more like this and score more on songs at the right timings.

For the first time we see the hero thrashing the mother. We rarely see heroes thrashing their parents. Usually they adorne them, but in this serial the director has for the first time made a son to thrash his mother with all types of condemnation. It seems the days are changing. As soon a marriage takes place the love bond shift takes place. And this is the reality. It is rejoice to see Tamizh supporting all out his wife Tulasi. At last it seems all the trouble Tulasi had these long days finally had its end. It was surprise to see Nizhalgal Ravi changing for good so easily and fast. But that is also welcome one since he is a great actor. Hope more scenes are left for Nizhalgal Ravi.















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