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Thendral-Serial - 5-1-11 to 24-1-11

Charu with the help of Thamiz mother enters into the good books of Thamiz. Thamiz mother plans to bring or move along with Thamiz and then split his relationship with Thulasi. Thamiz has fallen into the trap of their first plan.

Anand who is loving an unknown girl through phone now will face her parents in his house. The girls guardians have decided to marry her to her own lover. Shyamala who has fallen in love with Anand forces her family to marry her off to Anand.

It will be a shock for Anand when Shyamala's parents will meet Anand's parents seeking alliance.

Tamiz is worried since Charu is not getting an alliance because of the marriage breakage between them earlier.

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