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Thendral-Serial - 25-1-11 to 7-2-11

Tamizh mother starts showing her villianity. She calls and ropes in Tamizh to help her in the marriage activities. She takes him to buy jewels. Back at home Tamizh gets phone from his wife Tulasi. Seeing this Tamizh's mother devices a plan to separate Tamizh from Tulasi for at least one more hour.

Tulasi at home is having hell of a life. She gets frightened hearing the sound of a drunkard. A cat moving in the kitchen stumbling on vessels and bringing noise frightens her.

When Tamizh returns after a awful day he is bombarded by Tulasi for his late coming. Tamizh shots out at Tulasi telling her to be brave and get used to living alone.

Tulasi is confused of why Tamizh is so angry.

Tamizh's mother waits for Charu's arrival and tells her how she hid the jewels and made Tamizh to wait longer by pretending to have lost the jewel. These talks between them is being secretly watched by her daughter-in-law.

Tulasi's brother starts loving Kalyani the auto-driver and follows her everywhere.

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